What to Know About Smart Travel In 2020?

Currently, everyone in the world has an uncertain feeling due to the COVID-19 and coronavirus pandemic. Everyday life as we know it has changed. The present coronavirus situation led to the need to change, cancel or postpone scheduled travel plans. Soon, we will all be able to go on vacation again, but only if we work together and follow regulations. At the present time, Mexican resorts are closed, but they are looking forward to welcoming travelers very soon. In the meantime, it is important that we all stay home and keep ourselves safe. Read below to learn travel advice for Mexico. 

What to Know About Smart Travel In 2020?

#1 Use a Small Suitcase:

When you are able to start traveling again, you should use a small suitcase and pack lighter when you are getting ready for your vacation. If you use a smaller suitcase or even a backpack, you can get around the airport and city much easier. Ease of travel makes sense when you want to avoid crowds or quickly move through certain areas. It only makes sense to use a small suitcase in 2020. 

#2 Large Crowds Should Be Avoided: 

We all have learned how essential it is to avoid any large crowds or spaces. Typically, large crowds gather at popular tourist attractions. However, we now know that avoiding crowded spaces and crowds is wise even after the coronavirus issue subsides. When you are traveling, you should do all you can to avoid any large spaces and crowds. If you want to go exploring or sightseeing, then try doing it in the morning, because there will be less people out and about. You can also ride bikes or walk to explore, too. You should avoid using any public transportation too, because there are more risks of germs due to large amounts of people using public transportation. 

#3 Continue Practicing Good Hygiene Habits:

Also, you should continue to practice good hygiene habits at your home and while you are on vacation. Washing your hands often and avoiding anyone who is sick is important. You should always avoid touching your eyes, face, and hands. Plus, you should carry disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer with you, and regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap. When you are greeting others, you should refrain from hugging, shaking hands, and giving kisses. 

#4 Avoid Using a Paper Map:

It is always exciting to explore a new town when you are on vacation, but you should avoid using a paper map, because a paper map will not be able to tell you if places are crowded. You should use the map app on your phone. It is free and safer. 

#5 Access to Banking Account:

When you are ready to go on vacation, you should consider carrying an extra ATM card or credit card. Most banks will charge you an extra fee to use an ATM to withdraw money from, but they don’t charge you for personal purchases. You should ask your bank or credit card company about the fees before you leave for your vacation. Most importantly, having an extra ATM banking card will allow you access to your banking account in case you lose your card or it is stolen. 

Traveling guidelines have changed in 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic. Soon, everyone will be able to travel soon. When it is safe to get out again, where do you want to travel to? If you want to vacation in Mexico, then you should consider the Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Tafer Hotels & Resorts have two amazing resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. They are anxiously waiting for the travel ban to be lifted, so they can start welcoming guests again. 

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