Vacation Membership with RCI and Registry Collection

Put together, the RCI and the Registry Collection represent one of the best and most far-reaching international vacation membership exchange services that is open to timeshare owners across the world. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept; these exchange programs allow you to swap your regular timeshare weeks or vacation membership points for similar accommodations elsewhere in the world.

Vacation Membership with RCI and the Registry Collection

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RCI and the Registry Collection open up a world of possibilities to you, quite literally, by enabling you to visit resorts around the world via the exchange of your timeshare points or weeks. This network of resorts is chosen specifically to meet the standards you would expect, and so you can be sure that your exchanges will not disappoint. Many of the biggest timeshare providers and vacation membership clubs also offer a free trial of RCI or Registry collection services when you buy.

Vacation Membership Exchanges

Exchanges are a great way to enjoy a little bit of something different. First, you should have a look at the RCI and Registry Collection websites to see if there is anywhere in particular you would like to go. Once you’ve picked your destination you should book the corresponding weeks within your own timeshare resort as this will give you the Trading Power you need to make an exchange. Once your reservation is secure you can then deposit it with the RCI or Registry Collection.

Trading Power with RCI and the Registry Collection

Trading power is the concept used by RCI and the Registry Collection to ensure that all swaps are equitable and proportionate so that you’ll never get a nasty surprise. The idea is that you get the equivalent to what you offer, and so weeks during peak seasons, in bigger suites, or in better hotels will have more Trading Power.

Getaway Weeks

Finally, vacation membership with RCI or the Registry Collection are able to take advantage of cheap getaway options and weeks to a variety of locations across the world. This will not cost you points from your membership, you just pay as you would with any travel agent, but will get you a better price due to your membership.

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