Transportation – Airport Scams in Mexico

Transportation - Airport Scams in Mexico

Imagine the scene, you have bought your vacation package in stunning Mexico; you may even be lucky enough to have a timeshare to go to! If you’re well versed in long travels you may know how to book yourself a reliable transport service between hotels and airports without paying extortionate taxi fees when you arrive. If so this is great thinking; very organized and less stressful than dealing with each situation as it comes.

Of course, if you’re new to it and you use companies that are less well-known, or not reputable, you could find yourself being scammed; when this happens you turn up to no transportation and a huge dent in your wallet!

Here’s what you need to know about transportation scams in Mexico;

Beware airport scams in Mexico

There’s a growing risk of being involved in an airport transport scam these days; there are plenty of companies who will offer misleading services, or just pretend to offer transport, and when you arrive you either get something you did not pay for, or nothing at all!

Pay particular attention to your confirmation email by the transportation company because there is also a chance that competitors will pretend they are from the company you have booked with. Such people target tourists, and make them feel as if they were waiting for them specifically before taking you to the transport area outside of the terminal building. They will aim to make you believe that you are with your chosen company until you arrive, and then demand payment.

How to avoid airport scams in Mexico?

Be sure you take a note of your reservation details including the name of the company, their logo, and the drivers name (if they provide this). Have a copy on your phone as well as in your hand, and make sure that you check the ID of any agent who approaches you. Make sure their attire matches their claims, and ask to check their reservation list to make sure that you’re on it.

What to do when you have been scammed in Mexico?

Take a note of the name of the agent who ushered you into the bus or taxi, and the name of the company that offered this unsolicited service and then report them to the airport, authorities, and police! All of the agents in Mexico’s airports are required to have a permit in order to be there, therefore it should be easy to identify scammers and make sure they don’t return again in the future.

Hopefully this advice will help you to be safe and avoid scammers on your next trip to Mexico!

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