Top Romantic Cruises in Cancun

There are many amazing opportunities for romantic cruises in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Romantic day or evening excursions are readily available and can be booked online or through your hotel. You will be able to witness the stunning coastline and hidden beaches from the luxury of a sail on the Caribbean Sea. These romantic cruises can be enjoyed by all ages.

Subject to your personal choice, various entertainments are available on your romantic cruise in Cancun. Booked online or through your hotel, you can enjoy recreations such as swimming and snorkelling while on board together with dancing, music and cocktails to give you those lasting memories of your holiday.

Here are our recommendations for Romantic Cruises in Cancun:

The Cancun Sunset Dinner Cruise

The Cancun Sunset Dinner Cruise


This is the ideal cruise for a romantic dinner date. On board, after watching the sunset and enjoying cocktails from the open bar, you will cruise to one of Riviera Maya’s isolated beaches to enjoy an excellent four course meal, including Lobster and steak served at your own private table. This top choice for romantic cruises in Cancun includes soothing music and the chance to stroll hand in hand with your partner on the white sandy beach.

Columbus Dinner Cruise

This popular Cancun romantic cruise allows you to escape from the bustle of the beaches and enjoy viewing the picturesque Mexican Caribbean coastline. You will be entertained on the splendid Spanish galleon, the Columbus. Following the sunset, which you can see setting over the hotel district area and the Nichupte Lagoon, you can admire the stunning night’s sky that makes romantic cruises in Cancun all the more special. On board the romantic cruise you can enjoy cocktails and gentle music while eating lobster, steak and other food including a wide variety of vegetarian options. The wine and cocktails are freely available from the open bar and you and your partner can benefit from one of the most romantic cruises available in Cancun.

Private Sailing

An alternative to sharing romantic cruises in Cancun on an organized tour is to charter your own private sailing. A day or evening cruise can be booked from the marina and subject to what you can afford; you can have breakfast and champagne served by your own personal captain. You can be transported to a secluded beach to enjoy the delights of swimming and exploring the beauty of the sea.

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