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Top 5 Boat Excursions in Puerto Vallarta

Top 5 Boat Excursions in Puerto Vallarta
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Would you like to go on a boat excursions while you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta? If you are interested, then there are several to choose from. The boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta include both day and night cruises, so you can enjoy one or both. Puerto Vallarta has breathtaking coastlines, hidden beaches, and much more, so why not experience these amazing sights by enjoying one of many of the boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta.

What are some of the activities that occur on boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta? There is dancing, swimming, snorkeling, music, drinks, and food. Right now, you can book your boat excursion online or you can have your travel agent or hotel book it for you. Below is a list of the top 5 boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta.

  1. Boat Excursions on the  Marigalante Pirate Ship

    Marigalante Pirate Ship

The Marigalante Puerto Vallarta boat excursion takes place on a real live wooden pirate ship and cruises the coastline from Puerto Vallarta’s Marina to the Malecon boardwalk. The Marigalante cruise will provide you with excitement, adventure, and more. The nighttime version of this boat excursion in Puerto Vallarta is more tailored for adults because of its free bar but all the family are welcome and children under 12 have special rates. The show includes dancing, singing, acrobatics, games and more, with the pirates inviting guests to get involved in the show too. Don’t get scared though when the pirates start to battle on the cruise. There is no other boat excursion like this in Puerto Vallarta. If you would like to do this cruise during the day, then you can take your family, and there will be games, dancing, singing, snorkeling, and your family will get to look for a hidden buried treasure on the beach.

  1. Rhythms of the Night Boat Excursion

The Rhythms of the Night is one of the most romantic boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta. Wonderful for couples, but great for large groups too, this scenic cruise takes passengers to a cove called Las Caletas to the south of Puerto Vallarta. When the cruise arrives to the private beach where Hollywood director, John Huston once lived, you will be greeted by the sounds of drumming which lead you towards a fabulous amphitheatre. The show that you will see is an expertly crafted work of art with talented performers, dancers and acrobats that tells the story of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic history. After the colorful show, you will have a delicious buffet dinner lit by flame torches and candles. A romantic, fun, and magical time awaits you on the Rhythms of the Night boat excursion in Puerto Vallarta.

  1. Las Marietas Islands

Boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta to the Las Marietas Islands depart from Puerto Vallarta, then take you to the hidden beach at the center of the Las Marietas Islands, which were formed thousands of years ago when a volcano erupted. This boat excursion is perfect for all ages and the family, because there will be water activities, dancing, music, and there will be lunch served along with an open bar provided. Make sure to take your camera with you, because you may see dolphins, manta rays, and humpback whales swimming alongside the boat. You will also be invited to swim through a cave when you arrive to Las Marietas Islands to reach the hidden beach. Then, guides on the cruise will show you where the best snorkeling is available in the area. You will be amazed at all the marine life that you will be able to see. This is an excellent day cruise that offers swimming, snorkeling, and a visit to a hidden beach that you can only get to by going on a boat tour like this one.

  1. Las Animas Boat Excursion

The Las Animas boat excursion is located at two different locations. The first stop will be at the Los Arcos National Underwater National Park, then to the Las Animas Beach. The boat excursion starts off with music, dancing, and drinks. Snorkeling is recommended when you reach the Los Arcos Underwater National Park, and the instructors will help you with your snorkel and life vest. The underwater marine life is like nowhere in the country. When you get back on the boat, you will head to the Las Animas Beach where you can go swimming or kayaking, then you can eat lunch that is provided and play a game of volleyball. Relaxing is a must at the Las Animas Beach. When you get back on the boat, then you can continue to enjoy live music, dancing, and even join in singing karaoke until you arrive back to port.

  1. Princess Sunset Cruise Excursion

The Princess Sunset is one of the shorter boat excursions in Puerto Vallarta, but is a wonderful tour that lasts nearly three hours long. This excursion is fabulous for couples, because it is so romantic. The excursion will go around the bay, and you can enjoy seeing the lights glisten on the bay. Sit back, relax, and watch the sunset over the calming waters. You can enjoy any kind of drinks you want, because there is an open bar and snacks provided. Once you have watched the sunset, then head to the lower deck and dance and listen to great music. The Princess Sunset Cruise excursion is a perfect way to dance and party on the ocean in Puerto Vallarta.

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