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Top 10 Timeshare Nightmares

Top 10 Timeshare Nightmares
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Top 10 Timeshare Nightmares

Everyone has a story about timeshare nightmares. Usually, they are an account given by a friend of a friend of a friend. Like urban myths, timeshare tends to get a bad rap. But let’s take a look at the real timeshare nightmares to avoid, the ones that no one shares on social media.

Here are the top timeshare nightmares that might put a smile on your face:

You forget your phone charger

One of the worst nightmares for timeshare members is to arrive to your home from home and realize you left the phone charger at home. That means, no calls home; no Facebook; and (if you are like most people these days) no camera. Avoid this nightmare and ask the concierge where you can buy one for your phone. The airport is usually the most likely place.

A week long hangover

If you are not careful, you vacations at your timeshare can become one long hangover. Avoid this timeshare nightmare by drinking a glass of water between every cocktail.

Sunburnt feet

Life is tough when visiting you timeshare, so beware that you might find yourself collapsed on the beach, face down in the midday sun. Remember to put sunscreen on your feet too.

Weight gain

All the delicious food you will be eating is a sure way towards a weight related timeshare nightmare. Make a trip to the gym at your timeshare resort and burn some calories.

Spending 24/7 with your spouse

Some of us are just not cut out to spend so much time in the company of our nearest and dearest. Spending 24/7 with your spouse could turn into a timeshare nightmare if you are not careful. Be sure to take some time apart and take a massage at your report’s spa.

Wrinkly skin from too much outdoor Jacuzzi

One of the clear dangers related to owning a timeshare is spending too much time in the outdoor Jacuzzis. You leave more wrinkly than when you got in. Avoid this nightmare by limiting yourself to 10 minutes at a time

Get caught on camera singing La Bamba at the members’ cocktail

Making a fool of yourself is a commonly reported timeshare nightmare, but being caught on camera is particularly embarrassing. The trick is to make sure that everyone else is more drunk than you before doing the tequila shots and singing karaoke.

Everyone knows your name

Sometimes being anonymous is great. Being a timeshare owner means that you become part of the family and you will find that all the staff know your name. Never mind! You will just have to get used to it.

You’ve done all the tours

One often overlooked timeshare nightmare is having to repeat tours. Once you have been back to your home resort a few times, you might find you have done all the tours. We know… having to swim with dolphins again is just too much of a nightmare to bear! You deserve sympathy.

Your mother-in-law wants to buy a timeshare too

The biggest timeshare nightmare for members is hearing the news that your mother-in-law is going to be buying one too at the same resort. The trick to avoid this particular timeshare nightmare is to only boast about your vacations to people you actually won’t mind being your neighbors.

Add your own timeshare nightmare story here and see if you can beat ours.

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Top 10 Timeshare Nightmares
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