Consequences of Timeshare for Local Communities

Consequences of Timeshare for Local Communities

What are the consequences of timeshare for local communities? There are many things that can be said about a timeshare. You will find that some people love a timeshare while others think that the timeshare is nothing but a scam. The timeshare industry does impact the local community where the timeshare is located and you can’t deny that. The local communities that depend on tourism for their revenue will agree that the timeshare industry brings many benefits to the local community. It may shock and surprise you to hear that the benefits are not limited to hotels and traditional forms of tourism. What are the consequences of timeshare for local communities? Continue to read to find out!

Timeshare Industry Tax Generation

When tourists and visitors are spending money in the local community it will assist in generating taxes that will be returned into the local economy. Infrastructures will begin to increase along with many different service provides due to the generation of taxes. The tax generation doesn’t stop there as it will extend to the VAT (Value-Added Tax) too become the earnings from the people working in the timeshare industry will increase the income tax too. 

Repetitive Tourism

Repetitive tourism to the local community is one of the best benefits that come from a timeshare. The necessities will be easy to be predicted at the destination with the services and infrastructure.

Timeshare Generates Many Jobs

A timeshare will generate many jobs within the local community. The jobs that are generated will come in different levels such as service and sales staff, construction workers, architects, and many more positions.

Community and Destination is Promoted

A sense of belonging will occur when people purchase their timeshare and these people will begin promoting the community and destination to family members, friends, and anyone they strike up a conversation with. The community and destination profile is raised to visitors and not to the visitors that are interested in purchasing a timeshare.

Above Average Income Power

For one to qualify for a timeshare membership purchase they must have an above average income, which they will have to prove. The community and destination will only benefit from guests and visitors to the timeshare as they have an above average income that allows them a purchasing power. The guests and visitors will spend more money at the local restaurants, stores, and on local services.

Timeshare Owners are Staying Longer

Timeshare owners are staying longer than they expected due to their timeshare membership. The timeshare owners are extending their time at the timeshare and they are spending more time and money in the local community.

Doesn’t take business from hotels

The clients that go to the hotels in the community will usually only stay at the hotel once, maybe twice. The visitors that return over and over to a destination to spend time at their timeshare are not the same type of visitors that the hotels in the community will target. The two tourism industries don’t compete against each other, but they actually complement each other.

 Money is Being Spent in the Local Community

The timeshares are not always an all-inclusive timeshare, but some of the timeshares do provide this as an option and upgrade for buyers. When the timeshare isn’t an all-inclusive timeshare, the visitors will spend more money in the local community at the local stores and restaurants.

 Whole tourism industry is supported

The tourism industry is complimented from timeshares because a constant occupancy level comes forth with a timeshare, which in general will complement other areas of the tourism industry, which would include cafés and restaurants, car rentals and taxis, travel agencies, and stores and local trades.

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