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Warning! 8 Things You Should Avoid when Buying Timeshare in Mexico

Warning! 8 Things You Should Avoid when Buying Timeshare in Mexico
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Timeshare benefits people who just simply love a great vacation in Mexico.  With its ever increasing popularity, scammers are out there to jeopardize the genuine industry.  To keep yourself protected, here are 8 things that you should avoid when buying timeshare so that you enjoy the true benefits of vacation ownership in Mexico.

  1. Avoid unofficial timeshare promoters (who don’t have an official ID)

Refuse strangers who approach you and offer timeshare without verifying their identities.  They should present an official identification with permission to promote timeshare in Mexico before you accept their invitation. They may have bad intentions and avoiding them is the wisest thing to do in dealing with them.

  1. Avoid going to multiple presentations just for the freebies

The gifts that timeshare companies give to its visitors is worth having, but it should not be the reason as to why you will attend their presentation.  Your interest in being a timeshare owner should be the primary factor that would make you want to be there.  People who do so just for the sake of the gift are called “strokers”.  They just want to take advantage of this special offering and hope you are not one of them.

  1. Avoid signing your contract before reading it fully

Take time to read your timeshare contract before pulling out that pen and signing it.  It will be advantageous for you, when you have full knowledge of what you’re going into. Know everything about your membership and what you can do with it.  This way, you can make the most out of your contract.

  1. Avoid purchasing a timeshare from photographs and pictures

It’s totally insane if you buy a timeshare ownership out of shown photographs rather than visiting the resort.  Timeshare is an investment, which needs a considerable amount of money.  You wouldn’t want to see it fly away by buying what could be a non existing property. Scams have been known to sell bogus timeshares with photographs.

  1. Avoid lying about your credit card status

Your special gift will be invalid if you can’t show a credit card, which is a requirement in attending timeshare presentations in Mexico.  Don’t lie by telling you have one, otherwise, you’ll be just wasting time and effort in the hope of being given a gift.

  1. Avoid canceling your timeshare presentation appointment

When you confirm your attendance, you’ll eventually be given a schedule for your presentation.  This slot is important and you must show up as agreed upon.  Failure to do so will mean forfeiture of your slot and losing the discount and promotions allotted to you.

  1. Avoid misrepresenting your Finances

Lying about your finances means trouble for you, when it comes to paying your timeshare ownership.  Be honest about what you’re really worth so that a timeshare seller can offer you an ownership which you can really afford.

  1. Avoid buying the cheapest timeshare in Mexico

Timeshare ownership means a comfortable and a flexible way of having a vacation.  If possible, go for a higher kind of membership, where you are assured of a good accommodation and fast service.  The lowest value timeshare is fair enough, but expect to have to make reservations way in advance to get the best value from your timeshare.


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