Summer and Rain in Puerto Vallarta

It’s hard to believe that half of 2019 has already passed and July is already here. One thing that is true is that no matter what you do, you will never be able to stop time. Although, sometimes we wish we could. Summer is nearly upon us in Puerto Vallarta, which means the temperatures will be warmer, the humidity will increase, and the rain that occurs during the summers in Puerto Vallarta is expected any day now. The summer rains are badly needed due to a lack of rain during the dry spring and winter seasons. Any day now the heavy summer rains will begin, which bring relief for the area’s vegetation and flora. Coming soon you can expect lush jungle and rolling green hills that will impress everyone who has a chance to see it. Summer and rain in Puerto Vallarta have many benefits. Read more below to learn why.

Summer Rain in Puerto Vallarta Has Many Benefits:

Relief and Restoration for Flora and Vegetation

One of the best benefits of the rainy season is the new vibrant look of the area’s vegetation that results. Some of the plants have stayed in a dormant mode holding on to the precious water that they have been storing in their roots. Puerto Vallarta will soon be much greener and vibrant once the regular summer rain and storms start. The landscaping once again becomes lush and beautiful and makes for the best landscape views. You can see the beautiful greenery by going to hike along of the area’s trail paths in the morning. Just a short hike from downtown Puerto Vallarta, you can find the El Salto Waterfall and a swimming hole that is perfect for a summer dip. This is the ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty of the region with an adventurous day in paradise. It doesn’t take long for all of the rivers to be back to normal and you can go for a nice, cooling swim. Thanks to the summer rains in Puerto Vallarta, you can enjoy the majestic greenery and local flora that is lush and tropical.

Lightning Storms and Rain in Puerto Vallarta

It might surprise you to know that Puerto Vallarta has some of the most amazing thunder and lightning storms in Mexico. When the lightning and thunderstorms begin over the Banderas Bay, you will see the night sky become lit up like a professional fireworks show. You surely don’t want to miss watching this amazing performance by Mother Nature. You can go to any of the beachfront restaurants to watch the lightning and thunderstorms such as Blanca Blue restaurant at Garza Blanca Resort, that is located south of Puerto Vallarta. You can enjoy a delicious gourmet meal as you sip on champagne while watching the lightning dance across the sky as it illuminates the tranquil Banderas Bay waters below. You will want to make sure you bring your camera, because you will never see a summer storm like this anywhere else in the world.

Less Tourists Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

One of the top benefits for visitors and residents in Puerto Vallarta during rainy season is the fact that it is low season, so there are less tourists. During the winter months (November – February) which is peak tourist season along with Spring Break and Semana Santa, during rainy summer season you won’t have to deal with as many crowds and long lines. You will see that Puerto Vallarta is even more laid back and there is a peaceful atmosphere, which many vacationers prefer. During the summer rainy season, some of the businesses and restaurants close for several weeks to enjoy a much needed break, but there will still be plenty of places open for tourists during the summer rainy season in Puerto Vallarta.

Summer and rain in Puerto Vallarta are upon us. The area will be refreshed and renewed so the rivers and vegetation can thrive. If you are visiting during this time, you will want to make sure you watch the impressive thunder and lightning storms as its an amazing sight to see. You can make the most of summer and rain in Puerto Vallarta, and who knows you may prefer coming to Puerto Vallarta during this time.

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