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Scammed – Timeshare Blacklist

Scammed – Timeshare Blacklist
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Scammed - Timeshare Blacklist

As we go through the year, we are looking to provide a blacklist of companies which are operating fraudulently in the timeshare market. This will include timeshare resale scammers, cancellation service “providers”, and fake timeshare rental programs and schemes. The companies on here will be those which give timeshare providers a bad name

Blacklisted timeshare companies

The supposed services offered by every company on this blacklist will be fake, misleading, or even illegal in some way.

Blacklisted timeshare cancellation companies

Any company which claims to offer cancellation services is trying to scam you; we are sure of this, if nothing else. You see, there is a guaranteed revocation period which means that you can cancel any time within that cooling off period (without help from anyone else), but which also means that once this period has passed you cannot cancel a timeshare. Hence there is never a need to pay for timeshare cancellation services.

Blacklisted fake rental services

May reputable timeshare providers offer rental programs for when you cannot use your timeshare unit, but they will take a “cut” of the earnings rather than an upfront fee. Scammers will try to get an upfront fee from you in order to manage your rentals and, of course, they’ll never actually get you any lodgers.

Blacklisted resale offers

Resale scammers can work both ends of the game, so to speak.

They can sell a timeshare that is so laden with debt or so close to its end date that it’s practically unusable unless the buyers drop thousands of dollars (on top of the sale price), or they can claim to be able to sell a person’s timeshare for them. In these cases they will often make a cold call which sees them claiming to have a big buyer on the phone. They will then charge various fees for paperwork and “introduction” before disappearing without a trace.

If you have a story about some companies you feel should be on this timeshare blacklist, let us know in the comments section below.

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Scammed - Timeshare Blacklist
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