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5 Romantic Ideas for the Best Puerto Vallarta Vacation

5 Romantic Ideas for the Best Puerto Vallarta Vacation
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If you want to surprise your partner with the best itinerary for your romantic getaway to Puerto Vallarta then we have exactly what you need! Here are 5 tips and hints that will help you build the perfect day for you and your partner for the best Puerto Vallarta vacation.

5 Romantic Ideas for the Best Puerto Vallarta Vacation

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  1. Wake up for the sunrise and look out for sunset!

We know it’s a lot of effort and you want to have a long lie in bed, but trust us it’s worth it. Catching at least one Puerto Vallarta sunrise (or sunset) is a must if romance is on the menu. A walk down the beach, hand in hand while the sun sets the waves on fire is unforgettable! In Puerto Vallarta, the sun rises over the mountains, so it is a pretty unique sight. Sometimes you can watch the moon set over the ocean first while waiting for the sunrise.

  1. Mid Morning Siesta

If you managed to do the first romantic idea for the best Puerto Vallarta vacation, you will be up early, which means that after breakfast you will be ready for a mid-morning nap with your love interest in a hammock for two! The gentle rocking and the sound of the waves is sure to put you in a gooey, romantic mood. If, however, you were up all night partying, exchange your mid morning siesta for an afternoon snuggle.

  1. Check Out the Spa Promotions

Indulging in a couples Spa treatment could be the key to unlocking your sensuality! Get scrubbed, rubbed and polished to perfection side by side and then make use of the fabulous results, and relaxed frame of mind, that ensues later!

  1. Claim your Privacy

Every hotel and resort provides a Do Not Disturb sign, and we suggest that you make full use of it. There’s nothing worse than putting your romantic moment on hold because the housekeeping needs in, after all. It’s just better all round if you use it, trust us.

  1. Bubble Aren’t Just for Kids

Finish off your romantic day with a lovely, joint bubbled bath. This might sound very cliched, and possible uncomfortable, but take comfort in the fact that most hotels have Spa style baths that are not only big enough for two, but are actually big enough to give you spare room for comfortable canoodling. So pop some champagne and get cosy with your other half.

And there we have it: 5 Romantic Ideas for the Best Puerto Vallarta Vacation

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