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Refunds and Recovery Scams for Timeshare

Refunds and Recovery Scams for Timeshare
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Refunds and Recovery Scams for Timeshare

Timeshare related scams are once again on the rise, and this time they are taking the form of refund, cancellation, and recovery scams! Part of what makes them so effective is that the complexity and time put into them makes it hard to believe that anyone would take so much time to craft a lie.

  • How are we targeted for scams?
  • How do they get our names?

Well, there are one or two ways in which fraudsters can get our details. At a macro level, they have access to things called “suckers lists”. These are lists which contain the names, addresses, and contact details of people who have fallen for scams in the past.

Many of us could be on these lists without realizing it; most of the scams are so small scale that we never realise we have been taken for a ride! You may have paid to be entered in a fake competition or raffle, for example, or you may have given money to a bogus charity.

Of course, scammers can also lift our names and contact details from sites we visit while looking up cancellation options on the internet. Scammers are incredibly intelligent, by and large, so once they have our details all they need is an angle. There are even some who make money by compiling and selling suckers lists!

Refund, recovery, and cancellation scams

Refund, recovery, and cancellation scams focus on people who are looking to be rid of their timeshares for one reason or another. They tell such people that they can get out of their contract with little or no penalties, and they charge exorbitant fees to render such services before leaving their victims in debt.

Protect yourself from timeshare refunds and recovery scams

Our best advice is this; people who claim to be able to do this for you are likely to be scammers. If you feel you have grounds to cancel your legally binding contract talk to your provider or a solicitor rather than taking a cold-caller at face (or voice) value!

Have you been victim of a refund or recovery scam? Share your experiences.

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Refunds and Recovery Scams for Timeshare
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One thought on “Refunds and Recovery Scams for Timeshare

  1. Amelia Wong says:

    I was target by a refund and cancellation scam. I got a call out of the blue asking me if I had enjoyed any success in cancelling my timeshare. I had no idea how they got my number or how they knew I had a timeshare. Anyway, I was very close to handing over a large sum of money to the company to get a refund on my timeshare when I just got a gut instinct to check the internet for reviews. Low and behold, I found a ton of unhappy campers complaining about the company. So, in the end, I bit the bullet and used my timeshare. It wasn’t such a bad deal after all.

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