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Reasons Why you Should Write a Hotel Review

Reasons Why you Should Write a Hotel Review
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Reasons Why you Should Write a Hotel Review

We’ve all been there at some point in the past; you’re looking at where to stay when you next go on vacation, you have a wonderful hotel in mind… but you can’t find any hotel reviews. No matter where you look, no matter how hard you try you cannot find anything but paid for ads and generic information.

Certainly the hotels own website can tell you about their ethos, the local area, and the amenities available, but this will not give you the same kind of behind-the-scenes view that actual consumer reviews will be able to give. This is why you should leave hotel reviews when you stay at a hotel or resort; you can ensure that others benefit from your experience.

Here are some more great reasons to leave a hotel review when you stay at a hotel or resort;

Recognize Great Staff Members

When you write a review that mentions an individual or group of staff members particularly you’re doing something which can really help their careers! If a person is mentioned in a glowing review or two they might get a bonus, raise, or even a promotion when there’s an opportunity. Think of reviewing as giving back to those who go out of their way to help you. 

Keep Search Engines Honest

When you decide to post a review on a travel website you are helping to give smaller hotels and resorts their say amongst the sea of big advertising campaigns. When you review your hotels you can help to keep search engines honest and ensure that fellow consumers get good information about the hotels they are considering.

Help Guide Other Travelers

Honest feedback about your experiences can be a real boon to other travelers; after staying somewhere you will be privy to the kinds of back-stage information that other travelers will find extremely useful. Don’t be shy; tell them about the tricky thermostat and the tricks to working the aircon. All of this is invaluable information for people who might come after you.

Be careful about criticism

While being honest is a very important thing when you’re writing your hotel reviews, you should always go about dealing with your complaints in the right way. First and foremost, you should raise any complaints with the hotel staff and management as any reputable hotel will do their utmost to solve your issues quickly and efficiently. If you have done this and got nowhere with them you should definitely mention this in your review. Be honest and objective as possible about the situation and your experience with the hotel and its staff.

The next time you stay at a resort or hotel consider leaving a hotel review for other travelers to read!

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