10 Reasons why people still buy timeshare and join vacation clubs. No 6 will save you time!

When you mention timeshares or vacation clubs, many people instantly think of the infamous scams of the 80’s and 90’s, or they’ll say that it’s an old-fashioned fad – obsolete. So you can be forgiven for thinking that no-one buys timeshares any anymore, especially if you don’t vacation every year yourself. However, the truth of the matter is that timeshare and vacation clubs are far from obsolete; the industry continues to thrive and provide the best vacation accommodation for those who love taking regular vacations.

Here are 10 reasons why people still buy timeshares and join vacation clubs:

  1. When you join a vacation club or buy a timeshare you essentially save money on your future vacations. This is because when you purchase at the current prices you pay one lump sum, by credit card or cash, and then just pay your maintenance fees.
  1. Timeshare accommodations are generally of a higher calibre, and more generously proportioned than the average hotel room. Most will also benefit from cooking facilities, too.
  1. Timeshares and vacation clubs now have a firm foot in the luxury market which means that you can choose from ultra luxury resorts and services are really amazing! Plus you can exchange your weeks or points for suites all over the world.
  1. Most of the modern timeshare providers have now switched to a points based system rather than fixed weeks. This means that you can choose where and when you vacation every year. Some timeshares and vacation clubs will even let you use your points for little extras like all-inclusive meal plans, and spa treatments.
  1. Statistics show that those who own timeshares, or are part of a vacation club are more likely to take regular vacations than others. This is because having your accommodations paid for and arranged early means that you only have to book your flights and pack your bags.
  1. You’ll never have to look at another comparison website, and that’s a great thing in and of itself.
  1. When you buy from a reputable company you can be sure that you’re always going to get the very best service, accommodations, and facilities. You’ll know exactly what to expect, and you’ll never be disappointed.
  1. You will be made to feel extra special. Members and owners will often get little extras and privileges at the resorts they visit.
  1. You can sign up to companies like Interval International which will allow you to exchange your reserved timeshare weeks for visits to destinations all over the world.
  1. You’ll find that some timeshare companies will make your life easier by helping you to arrange transportation to and from the airport etc.

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