Best 9 Reasons to Never Stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Warning! You are in danger of having a fabulous time! Here are 9 reasons why you should never stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Save yourself the pain of having to return home after a fab vacation. You really are better off staying at home in the cold instead!

Best reasons to never stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun

How to Cancel a Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare

  1. Stunning Sunrises

The sun rises every morning, and the sunrises are stunning. There is no escaping the sunrises. It is best to just stay in a dark and dreary bedroom and just avoid a beautiful day in Cancun where paradise is daily.

  1. White Sandy Beaches

Nothing looks or feels better to your feet than taking off your shoes and enjoying the soft, white sandy beaches. That is crazy! It is just too soothing and comfortable.

  1. Swinging at the Beach Bar (Not what you are thinking!)

Have you ever seen a swing at a beach bar? You will here, because the swing actually moves. Would you rather be still and sit on an uncomfortable bar stool instead of drinking a delicious margarita and making conversation with the person who is swinging next to you?

  1. Relaxing and Winding Down in the Steam Room

Isn’t is strange to think you could be breathing in pollutants and odors that can bring your mood down in the big cities? You will uplift your mood when you breathe in and smell the sweet scents of aromatherapy in the steam room, then a massage to immediately follow.

  1. Ordering a Delicious Dessert from Room Service

Who wants to have a delicious dessert by just picking up the phone, then walking on the beach under the moonlight?

  1. Candlelit and Romantic Dinner in seclusion in a Hut

There is no way that your partner would enjoy a candlelit and romantic dinner in a private hut. Even more if the dinner was a complete surprise at Villa del Palmar Cancun

  1. In Your Very Own Private Hot Tub Enjoy the Ocean View

This would never be rewarding and relaxing. Those soothing bubbles and jet waters. Who cares if there is an amazing view of the Caribbean at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

  1. Seeing the Stars on Your private Terrace

How could seeing and counting the stars be so exciting? This seems like work to me!

  1. Enjoying Live Entertainment with the Ocean as the Background

Who wants to see live entertainment with other guests? What would be so fun in watching performers perform with the ocean as their background? Can this be better than television?

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