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Puerto Vallarta for your Honeymoon

Puerto Vallarta for your Honeymoon
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Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular and enchanting tourist hotspots in on Banderas Bay and it’s very easy to see why. This stunning town is full to the brim with natural beauty, romantic locations and plenty of activities to enjoy. It is, in fact, a pretty perfect honeymoon experience. There are, of course, many places in the world which can claim this so we’ve decided to outline the five best reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the ultimate honeymoon location.

Luxury for honeymooners

When it comes to luxury Puerto Vallarta can offer the very best! The resorts here are some of the most lavish and luxurious in the country. They offer not only stunning accommodation, but world-class spas, fine dining experiences and even wedding packages (if you want to have your wedding and honeymoon all in one place). When you choose a resort in this town you can be sure that you’ll be experiencing the very best that Mexico has to offer. What’s more these resorts are within easy reach of the most popular romantic attractions in the city.

The Old and the New

Certainly Puerto Vallarta is well known for the modernity and luxury it embodies, but you can also find shades of old Mexico in the city. The Downtown area, for example, is filled with colonial architecture. The cobblestone streets will lead you into the past during the day, and the resorts will fill your need for luxury at night.

Oozing with Romance

Puerto Vallarta was initially put on the map by the love of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton so it’s hard to imagine a place more infused with passion and romance. Everywhere you look there are picturesque spots to sit in, shady paths to walk down, and gorgeous sunsets to captures. Each evening you can find talented musicians playing on the streets of Puerto Vallarta, and you might even get a fireworks show. Whether you’re sailing around the Bay of Banderas, strolling along the pristine beach, or sipping fine wine in a restaurant you’ll find that Puerto Vallarta is the very best place to fall in love with your partner all over again.

Romantic Activities

Honeymooners in Puerto Vallarta will need to actively endeavour to be bored if they wish something to complain about because there are a huge amount of things to do and see in the area. These include a variety of ocean outings, such as day and night cruises, diving trips, and snorkelling, as well as jungle or mountain hikes and more simple things such as Spa days.

Stunning vistas

The outstanding natural beauty of the landscape that surround Puerto Vallarta is almost unbelievable. From the lush green junglescapes to the mountainous coastline that’s peppered with palm trees- Puerto Vallarta offers a slice of wilderness tempered with the amenities of city life. Of course nothing shows the glory of Mother Nature quite like the glimmering ocean waves, deep blue and crystalline, as they crash on the golden sands.

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