Puerto Vallarta: Where to Dine

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta has some of the most exciting and eclectic foods in Mexico? Of course, the beautiful beaches and the Old Town cobblestone streets are well-known Puerto Vallarta attractions, but when it comes to dining, you can’t beat the foods in Puerto Vallarta. From street vendors selling amazing tacos to world class dining is why Puerto Vallarta has the best food around. Continue to read below to find out about the tasty food in Puerto Vallarta and where to dine.

La Palapa – First Restaurant on the Beach

The La Palapa just happens to be the first and the oldest restaurant that is located right on the sandy shores of Los Muertos beach near the Puerto Vallarta pier. This establishment opened in 1951, and many guests have dined here along with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton who frequently dined at La Palapa during the 50-60’s. The food has a French and Asian inspiration and their dishes are fresh and grown locally.  The beautiful presentation of the food will not disappoint as well. Guests can dine on the beach or under the palapa roof, and the amazing beachfront views and delicious food is why La Palapa is a top restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

Mariscos El Coleguita

Mariscos El Coleguita is another popular restaurant that locals and tourists all enjoy. There are a couple different locations around Puerto Vallarta, but one of the best locations for Mariscos El Coleguita is the marina location because guests will enjoy great marina views as they dine. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable so no need to dress up to dine here. One of their specialties is preparing freshly caught seafood, and you need to know that the portion sizes are not small. All guests will be provided with a complimentary shot of tequila to open up their appetite, and a delicious Kahlua dessert drink at the end of their meal. Salud!


Florio’s is the restaurant to go to if you are craving Italian food. The owners of Florio’s are Italian and Argentinian, and they have fixed some very tasty and unique dishes that have a touch of Mexican flair added. The pizzas and all of the pasta dishes are absolutely delicious, and the chimichurri sauces are very popular and taste great with any of the foods you order. Florio’s is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, and the restaurant has been decorated with bright and vibrant colors. If you want to dine there when there is live music, just check their calendar of events first. On Monday thru Wednesday, they have happy hour specials where you can purchase 2×1 cocktails.

Barcelona Tapas

Barcelona Tapas is a restaurant that you should not miss out on. Guests can dine on the rooftop terrace where you can enjoy delicious foods and see bay and city views that are amazing. Barcelona Tapas has a variety of foods including Spanish paella and tons of tapas plates. The bacon wrapped dates and the fresh country salad are two dishes that are often ordered by guests. After guests have ordered their food, they will be given complimentary papas al aioli and homemade baked bread. You can wash down your foods with the 2×1 sangria specials during the day, and wine connoisseurs will be pleased when they see the extensive wine list.

La Leche

La Leche is the place for guests wanting a pleasurable and unique dining experience. The décor is all black and white, and the menu of the day is written out on a portable chalkboard that will be brought to your table. All of the foods come with beautiful presentation, and there is a hip bar on the second floor called La Nata if you want to continue drinking or listening to live music. The Chef’s son and his band often play live music at La Leche during weekend nights. Ladies, remember that Thursday is ladies night so women diners will get their drinks for free.

Los Muertos Brewing Company

The Los Muertos Brewing Company was opened in 2012, and it was the first brewery in Puerto Vallarta. They have the best beer and pizza in the region. Los Muertos Brewing Company provides a variety of locally brewed beers, which include the Anillo de Fuego, Mexicana Rubia, and the Agave Maria. It will be hard to choose just one beer to sample so you may want to consider ordering the flight, which is a sampler of different beers for one price. The pizzas here are said to be the best in Puerto Vallarta, and that could be due to the wood fired oven that they are baked in. This is also the best place to watch sports on the several big televisions while eating pizza and drinking beer. They also have dining upstairs if you want to have a quiet dinner.

Salud Super Foods

Salud Super Foods is a casual and healthy restaurant that is open six days a week from Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch. They open up at 9am and they close at 5pm. You can find Salud Super Foods in the center of the Romantica Zone in Olas Altas. This is the restaurant where guests have healthy and delicious food options. They also provide delicious and fresh smoothies, sandwiches, salads, and wraps, and they are very affordable.

El Carboncito

El Carboncito is a Puerto Vallarta restaurant that provides authentic Mexican tacos. After a night on the town, you can go to El Carboncito for late night tacos as they open at 7pm and stay open until around 2 am. The al pastor tacos are a specialty taco that is made with shredded pork, onions, pineapple, and cilantro. The asada tacos are pretty popular too, and the volcan taco has a crispy tortilla, al pastor meat, and cheese that is melted. You will want to make sure you try some of their sauces, which include the avocado and spicy chile de arbol salsa. They are amazing and at a price you can’t beat.

Next time, you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, make sure to try as many of these great restaurants as you can! Provecho!

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