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Pros and Cons of Flying First Class for Honeymoons

Pros and Cons of Flying First Class for Honeymoons
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Wouldn’t it be nice flying first class while heading towards your honeymoon destination?  Every newlywed couple wants the best for their honeymoon experience and a great way to start it is by flying luxuriously.  What a comfortable feeling sitting on an elegant seat with lots of legroom and space, served champagne and eating dinner with proper cutlery that is not plastic. You can also  enjoy added privacy, avoiding the crowds in economy class. Those are benefits, but are they worth it?  Is the added cost equal to the perks you can get?

Let’s weigh things up and look at the pros and cons of flying first class towards that much anticipated honeymoon.

  1. Think about the distances involved in your honeymoonin-the-airplane-first-class

The first thing to consider is how much time you’ll spend on your flight.  If you are flying domestically or over a short distance, let’s say from the USA and Canada to the Caribbean or Mexico, it means a short lived luxury sitting in an expensive first class seat.  Flying less than 5 hours doesn’t make you feel the difference between being in an economy and first class flight.  Except for some added legroom and a complimentary drink, there’s not much that adds value to your first class price tag. In fact, many short flights tend to only offer business class. Before deciding on flying first class, consider how much time you will have to enjoy it.  The longer the flight, the better.

  1. The Airline can make all the difference

The airline and its reputation can spell the difference between a real first class flying experience and a not-so-first class flight.  There are airline companies that don’t offer much difference between the seats on their plane.  Delta Airline for instance, gives their patrons additional space, wi-fi service and a small upgrade with their food and drink on their first class seat; just a little better than its economy section, while other airlines offer seats that you can totally recline and sleep in. Try narrowing your choice to the top ten luxury airlines like Singapore, Air France, Emirate Airways, Swissair, British Airways when opting for first class, where you can enjoy more elegance and comfort. The proof is in their first class cabins that looking more like a hotel room than a mere plane seat.

  1. The Price Matters

If you want a luxury flight, be prepared to spend for it. The fact is, going from North America on a longhaul flight means an added $500 to $1,500 to jump from an economy to first class seat.  Do you think this additional cost will be worth it? The money you save on a first class flight can be used to make your honeymoon experience even more memorable with tours, gourmet dining and treats while you are there.  You can use it to pay for a thrilling skydive for two or have a relaxing couple massage in a world class spa facility followed by a romantic candlelight dinner for two. The money that you save can go a long way to adding those special touches to make a truly unforgettable honeymoon experience.

  1. Choose first class on modern planes

If you are really sure that flying first class is right for you, then consider the type of plane you’ll be riding.  An old plane in comparison to an ultra-modern one can spell the difference between a first class and a second rate flying experience.  New planes are equipped with the latest amenities and are high tech when it comes to everything within the insides of the plane.  Riding on smaller ones won’t give you such a spacious cabin for obvious reasons.  Do some research on the type of plane scheduled for your flight.

  1. Use air miles

Perhaps one of the best reasons for flying first class is if you have airmiles to spend rather than you hard earned cash. First class flights might not seem worth it for your honeymoon travel if you are considering the financial cost; however, if you are spending points then it could make sense for an extra touch of luxury.

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