Beware Timeshare Promoters at Puerto Vallarta Airport

Whether you’ve experienced it firsthand or heard about it from friends or family, arriving at the airport in most tourist destinations with timeshare resorts means you can bet on being approached by eager salespeople promoting their various resorts before you even exit the building, and at Puerto Vallarta airport it’s no different.

Although the timeshare business tends to get a bad rap, there are actually plenty of redeeming qualities reputable vacation clubs have to offer, foremost being the chance to stay at some of the finest resorts in the world.  Before you write off these hard working sales professionals at Puerto Vallarta airport, give them a few minutes of your time and you may be pleasantly surprised at what they can offer you.

Timeshare promoters at Puerto Vallarta Airport

Sierra Lago for Honeymoons in Mexico

While it may be the last thing you want to think about after getting off of a plane, speaking with one of the professionals working in the airport on behalf of their respective resort is actually the best opportunity you will find to interact with someone in their field, as they are the elite within their industry.  Because they work in the airport, you can rest assured they are valued, long-term employees who have credentials to work in a place where security is of utmost importance.  They are stationed within the airport as your first contact with the local timeshare industry because of their professional demeanor.

Attending timeshare presentations

Although you do need to agree to attend a presentation at their resort regarding their vacation club (which usually lasts a couple of hours), timeshare promoters at Puerto Vallarta airport will make the process as seamless and hassle-free for you as possible.  And look at it this way: you get to eat breakfast at a beautiful resort where you will be given a personal tour of the finest amenities they have to offer, and you will likely walk away with some great benefits as a result.

Puerto Vallarta Airport salespeople

Depending on what you are wanting to accomplish on your vacation, these airport salespeople treat you as though they are your personal concierge, catering to a wide range of requests.  From local tips on which beaches are the least crowded, to advice on where to eat, to reservations for that high-end restaurant you have on your radar, to a special bottle of tequila you know will be hard to find, they will generally go above and beyond to accommodate you.

What can timeshare promoters offer you at Puerto Vallarta airport?

One of the most convenient things they can provide is transportation from the airport to wherever it is you are staying, which can be a huge relief if you don’t already have something lined up, meaning you won’t have to haggle with taxi drivers or drag your bags with you on a local bus.  Another key thing they can offer is a bevy of discounted tours, whether you are looking for a fishing adventure upon the sea, golf at a world-class course, whale watching (in season only), rejuvenating spa treatments, sunset sailing tours and so much more.  Allow one of these local experts to help you navigate your vacation and get you the best deals!

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