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Plan your Summer Vacation to Mexico

Plan your Summer Vacation to Mexico
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We might only just be entering spring, but now is the time to plan your summer vacation to Mexico if you want to secure the best deals and lowest prices. Even better still, start planning your summer vacation to Mexico for 2016 – the early bird surely catches the worm when it comes to cheap vacations!

Summer Vacations to Mexico

Taking a break during the summer vacations is a great time to visit Mexico. Flights are relatively short in comparison to vacation destinations like Europe or even Hawaii and much cheaper. During peak seasons you might also find cheap flights on budget airlines that serve the top vacation destinations like Cancun, Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta. The best time to secure these low airfares is either well in advance or last minute; so start planning!

Why Choose a Summer Vacation to Mexico?

Besides its close proximity, Mexico continues to be a very popular choice for summer vacations for visitors from the United States and Canada. The exchange rate is always favorable, and right now you will be getting an incredible deal on your dollar for Mexican pesos. Once you are on vacation in Mexico, things will seem “cheap as chips!” and luxury will seem like an affordable privilege.

Summer in Mexico is also a great time to take a vacation as a family. Hotels and resorts in Mexico are super family friendly and most organize a special range of summer treats and activities to keep kids happy on their summer vacation to Mexico. A host of wild and wonderful tours and excursions are available too in the most popular destinations such as those on the Pacific Coast, like Puerto Vallarta, and in the Caribbean such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Tips for planning your Summer Vacation to Mexico

And finally, some top tips to help you plan your summer vacation to Mexico:

  • Compare online travel agencies for the best prices to Mexico
  • Consult budget airlines
  • Decide which beach destination appeals most (Cancun? Playa Del Carmen? Puerto Vallarta? Cabo?)
  • Think about how much time you wish to spend at the resort and whether an all inclusive package would be better value for money.
  • Look out for deals where kids under 12 are free for all inclusive packages.
  • Subscribe to hotel and resort newsletters to receive discounts and news of special deals.

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