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Options for Timeshare Solutions

Options for Timeshare Solutions
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Options for Timeshare Solutions

If you are looking for an affordable way to have frequent vacations, then a timeshare investment is a wise choice. Becoming a timeshare member opens an entire world of possibilities when it comes to places to have your vacation. Timeshares are not for everyone, but they do provide awesome vacation options for many people.

Here are some of the most common timeshare solutions that suit most people:

Fixed Weeks

The first type of timeshare memberships was those that were separated into weekly time slots. Also, you had to purchase a specific set of weeks at a specific condo or resort. This solution was based on the assumption you would get the same set of weeks of each year, and it worked well three decades ago.  However, the modern work world is not as static as it used to be. Therefore, people desiring to use timeshare membership would not choose this solution unless they worked on a job that gave the same set of weeks off for vacation every year.

Floating Week timeshare solution

Instead of reserving a specific set of weeks out the year, this solution allows you to buy a week (or weeks) within a specific seasonal timeframe (like winter, summer or shoulder seasons). That way, you weren’t tied to specific dates each year.

Exchange Companies

The growth in popularity of the timeshare membership brought with it the desire to trade in reservations at one resort for spots at another resort. This demand led to the creation of exchange companies like the Registry Collection and Interval International (or RCI). Reputable exchange companies like RCI offer timeshare solutions for those who desire to explore resorts in other countries.

Points Based Vacation Clubs

Points based vacation clubs are highly recommended as a viable timeshare solution. Unlike the fixed and floating week timeshare solutions, this option offers the ability to use membership points at resorts that use membership points. That way, you won’t have to reserve certain weeks of the season or specific intervals because you have the option of doing more or less than a week at a time.

This timeshare solution also offers the flexibility of vacationing whenever you want at as many different resorts as you desire as long as you have the points to cover it. Some vacation clubs allow you to use points for meal plans and other services.

Cancellation Companies do NOT provide timeshare solutions

This solution is a scam. The company pretends to be a real timeshare solution that offers the option to cancel your timeshare membership. These companies have existed since timeshares existed, and they all claim to do something that is not legally possible unless you are in the rescission period—get you out of a timeshare membership contract. If it’s not the rescission period, this is not legally possible to do, but these companies claim to make that happen.

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