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Why do People Have More Sex on Vacation in Mexico

Why do People Have More Sex on Vacation in Mexico
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When at home running through our everyday lives, sex can often be the last thing we feel like doing even if we are constantly thinking about it. Too much work, late nights or the kids getting in the way of romance can be just a few reasons why we aren’t getting enough sex. So why is it that when we hop on a plane and fly to Mexico away from our normal existence we end up having more sex.

The sun

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Not only does the sun evoke a sense of happiness among us it is also a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D impacts our sex hormones and our mood which is something we all need when feeling sexy and ‘up for it’. This is why if you are travelling to a hot climate like Mexico you may feel more inclined to have sex as you are feeling happier and more carefree. You will also find that in Mexico’s sunshine you are wearing less clothing and revealing more flesh. This is an obvious turn on for both sexes and can be another catalyst for people to engage in more sex.

No kids

However much we adore them, children can impact greatly on our romantic time. A vacation in Mexico away from the little rug rats can help immensely to rekindle the romantic flame.  Once you have set foot into your Mexico hotel room and can hear nothing but the sounds of your own voices, you are able to immediately relax and focus on one another. You are left with free time to connect and have as much sex as you would not have gotten at home. You can make up for lost time.


A few margaritas or tequilas later and you will be feeling relaxed and carefree on vacation in Mexico. Your troubles are behind you and you can focus on having fun. Alcohol can make you lose your inhibitions and can boost confidence. These are important things when one wants to feel sexy. A little alcohol can help us to get in the mood and flirt with the opposite sex. If you are in a couple this can always help to set a relaxed mood and perhaps allow your everyday stresses to fade away. If you’re single alcohol can make you feel sexier and confident enough to chat to the handsome or beautiful stranger who is sitting in the same bar.

A foreign place

Just being in a new place like Mexico that is completely different to our normal home can allow people to relax and behave in a more carefree way. If you’re travelling as a couple this can help to reignite passion and interest in other things which can immediately change our mood and allow us to feel more sexy and turned on. If you’re single, meeting someone who you know you will most likely not see again can make sex feel fun and different and also guilt free.

More variety of people

You may find that going out at home you bump into the same group of people or find that everyone you meet have the same look or values and this can make dating boring and lead to little sex. There is far more variety when in a new place and a vacation in Mexico will open the doors to multitudes of new faces. You will meet people from all over the world. You can talk about different cultures and interests. It makes finding more diverse types of people easier. You will have more chance of finding someone who is your type and the opportunity for sex with someone who you actually find appealing more likely.

So, if having more sex hasn’t inspired you to vacation in Mexico, you might want to think about the food!

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