Mexico Timeshares: Is it an Asset?

Mexico Timeshares: Is it an Asset?

Are you interested in buying a Mexico timeshare, but you would like to know what the pros and cons are with Mexico timeshares? Is it an asset? There are pros and cons with buying a Mexico timeshare, so it is wise to always weigh both sides before you jump into a big financial decision. With this article we will discuss Mexico timeshares. Are they an asset? Continue to read to see if buying a Mexico timeshare is a good investment for you. 

Timeshares and Vacation Homes

Should you purchase a timeshare or a vacation home in Mexico? If you are only planning on vacationing one or two weeks in the year, then you should consider a timeshare purchase. If you purchase a standalone Mexico home that will only be used a small amount of time each year, you still are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep for the home all year long. A timeshare purchase in Mexico means that you will only be charged for the time that you actually use the timeshare, which is why it is an affordable option. There are maintenance fees with a timeshare, but all of the timeshare owners will divide the maintenance fees so that not one timeshare owner is stuck paying a large lump sum.

Timeshare Benefits

A timeshare purchase in Mexico comes with another benefit, which is allowing you a fantastic vacation destination that is guaranteed each and every year. Sometimes people are so busy with their daily life that they will miss taking an annual vacation, but a timeshare purchase in Mexico will allow you to pay and plan ahead for all of your vacations so you will enjoy, relax, and create lasting memories with the people that you love. You may also have the opportunity to enjoy other top resorts in Mexico if your timeshare company offers this. The Villa Group Resorts in Mexico have amazing properties in the most sought out Mexico destinations such as Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. The Villa Group Timeshare Company allows their members to go to other resorts with their vacation time, and these locations are well known as the top tourist destinations in Mexico. 

Share Your Timeshare

Do you have a philanthropic spirit? Are you planning on sharing your vacation timeshare with your friends or family members? You can likely share your timeshare with other people, but this will depend on the rules and regulations with your timeshare company. When you are reading the rules and regulations with your timeshare company, you may see that you can rent out your timeshare week so you can earn some extra money when you are not able to use your vacation time.

Timeshare Drawbacks?

With any purchase there could be drawbacks, and a timeshare in Mexico may have its own drawbacks, too. You will have to pay regular maintenance fees and they are normally quite affordable, but you may not know that the maintenance fees can actually increase annually. You will have to pay your maintenance fees whether you use your timeshare vacation or not. Another drawback with a timeshare in Mexico is the timeshare can be difficult to sell later if you decide you really don’t want to keep your timeshare. Used timeshares in Mexico are sold at a reduced price when compared with new timeshares. You may possibly lose money when you sell your timeshare in Mexico, and you will not be able to claim any capital loss on your taxes like you would be able to do if you purchased an ordinary real estate property. However, it is clear to see that any potential drawbacks to timeshares are greatly outweighed by the benefits.

Are Mexico timeshares an asset? We have discussed both the drawbacks and benefits to being a timeshare owner in Mexico, and it is clear that timeshares are an asset.

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