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Do You Know the Rescission Laws for Mexican Timeshares?

Do You Know the Rescission Laws for Mexican Timeshares?
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Do You Know the Rescission Laws for Mexican Timeshares?

Do you know the rescission laws for Mexican timeshares? If you don’t, then you are in the right place. Here you will learn all you need to know about the rescission laws and timeshare cancellations in Mexico, and how the laws will protect you with the rescission period.

Rescission Laws for Mexican Timeshares

The rescission laws for Mexican timeshares were made to protect timeshare companies and consumers. There are useful guidelines provided for the rescission laws, but you must remember that if you have purchased a timeshare resale, then your rights will depend on how and whom you purchased the timeshare resale from, because many the resale timeshare may not fall under the rescission laws in Mexico for timeshares. This article will provide you with the information you need for the rescission laws for Mexican timeshares when the timeshare was purchased from a legitimate timeshare company in Mexico.

What is the Rescission Period in Mexico? 

There is another name for the rescission period and that is the ‘cooling-off’ period. The cooling off period is the time that a purchaser can cancel their timeshare contract and they will not be denied of this right. Beware of what the scamming timeshare cancellation companies tell you, because the Mexican law gives purchasers the legal right to cancel their contract during the cooling off period. The scamming cancellation companies try to trick individuals into thinking that with a high fee that they can cancel your contract, but if the rescission period has passed, then there is no way that anyone can cancel the contract.

The Rescission Period has Passed, Now What Happens? 

The rescission period or cooling off period has passed, so now there is no laws that allow purchasers to cancel their timeshare contract in Mexico. Remember, we cannot stress this enough, no timeshare cancellation scamming company can cancel your timeshare contract once the cooling period has passed. They will promise you everything, but there is no legal laws or rights that will permit the contract in being cancelled after the rescission period has passed!

Timeshare Cancellation Scamming Company Scams

Only consumers and legit timeshare companies are protected by the rescission laws for Mexican timeshares. The timeshare must have been purchased through a professional and genuine timeshare membership company. Unfortunately, there are no laws or regulations that will protect consumers who have tried to cancel their timeshare contract using a timeshare cancellation company scams. If you are approached by one of these companies you can try to research the company, but the best advice is to avoid these type of companies in general.

If you have already been involved with a timeshare cancellation scam company, then you should immediately contact the federal department in Mexico called PROFECO, then you should make a formal complaint against this timeshare cancellation scam company.

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Do You Know the Rescission Laws for Mexican Timeshares?
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