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How to Pack for a Mexico Vacation

How to Pack for a Mexico Vacation
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Planning what to pack when going on vacation to Mexico is probably one of the more fun things on your to do list. Deciding what to take with you will really depend upon what kind of vacation you intend to take. Let’s take a look at how to pack for a Mexico vacation of a lifetime.

What should I pack for a vacation to one of Mexico’s beach destinations?

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If you’re planning to go to somewhere like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, then there is no real panic if you forget to bring something. These areas are pretty westernized, as well as being well populated, so not only will you be able to find stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies- you’ll probably be able to find the brands you want, too. The best way to prepare for a beach destination is to get yourself a suitcase made of light materials and bring only what you need on the way there; that way you have plenty of room to bring back your souvenirs.

What should I bring when backpacking across Mexico?

The trick here is to bring as little as possible while ensuring that you have exactly what you need. An array of thermal, waterproof, and beach ready clothes would be best as the climate in Mexico varies widely between the beaches and mountains. You will likely be in need of good walking boots or shoes, as well as a pair of sandals for hotter areas, and two small towels as hostels and cheaper hotels won’t provide them. Ensure that you also bring a few bars of soap (one in a protector; you don’t want to have to throw away a perfectly good bar to avoid messing your clothes), a Spanish phrase book and your bathing suit!

Essential items to pack for your vacation to Mexico

  • All the medication you might need for your entire trip; you can’t be sure that you’ll find exactly what you need in Mexico.
  • Books and magazines in English; they’ll be either hard to find or expensive once you get here.
  • Any specific sunblocks you need.

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