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Hotel Review Tips

Hotel Review Tips
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If you would like to give praise to a hotel because your stay was absolutely perfect, or you would like to complain about your stay, because your stay was more of a nightmare, then writing a hotel review is the best way to do that. Not only will this make you feel better, but writing a hotel review helps other people make the right choice about how they will spend their money.

Hotel Review Tips for Writing

The first thing you should remember before you write a hotel review is knowing how to write an effective hotel review. Doing this will allow other travelers to make up their own mind if they want to stay at the hotel that you left a hotel review for. There are many different travel review sites, but the top three are TravelPost, TripAdvisor, and TravBuddy. You can look through some of the reviews on these sites, then write your own. If you don’t know how to write your hotel review, then take a look below at the top hotel review tips.

Talk About Your Own Personal Travels

It is important to talk about your travels when you are writing your hotel review. You should let readers know if your travel was for pleasure or for business, etc. and then you should also let the readers know if you traveled alone, traveled with friends, traveled with your partner, or with a group of family members. Another element you might wish to include is about how frequently you travel. Let your readers know if you travel a lot or occasionally, as this may influence your standards. More frequent travelers usually provide the best reviews as they have a wealth of memories from other hotels with which to compare.

Share Relevant Information

Anytime you are writing a hotel review you should always share relevant information such as; the type of room that you had, how the parking system is, and even room service recommendations. Any important details that you think is relevant should be shared with the readers.

Be Descriptive yet Concise

It is very important that you be very descriptive and precise with your hotel review. When you are writing your hotel review you should make sure you are using proper grammar and all words are spelled correctly. When you do this other readers actually take your hotel review seriously.

Add Pictures

Depending on the travel site that you are writing your hotel review for, you should add pictures. Pictures will speak for themselves. If your hotel room was clean or dirty, then take a picture and post it.

Give Distance Details

It is always valuable information for readers to know distances from the hotel such as; how far is the hotel from the beach, where is the nearest shopping center and restaurants, and where is all the attractions? Give the distance details for all these places.

Talk about Specific Amenities

Readers that are reading the hotel review will want to know about any amenities that the hotel provides and these should be added. Write about the bed. Was the bed hard as a rock or did you feel like you were sleeping on clouds? Was the pool as beautiful as it looked on the website? Add these details to your personal hotel review.

Praise Staff where appropriate

Writing about the staff is something readers and travelers want to know. You can tell the readers if the staff was exceptionally nice or just rude. Perhaps, one of the staff members went out of their way to make sure that your stay at the hotel was ideal and perfect, then you should write about that staff member, because the hotel will also recognize that staff member. Was the maid’s cleaning superior or did it lack the luster that you expected? Let the readers know.

Always keep details in perspective when you are writing your hotel review. You don’t need to mention the smallest details, but the ones that are important to you and to other travelers. We hope these hotel review tips assisted you in writing the best hotel review.

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