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Guide to Points Based Timeshare Membership

Guide to Points Based Timeshare Membership
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So you’re considering a vacation club or timeshare membership, and you’ve heard there’s a big difference between traditional and points based timeshare memberships, but you’re not sure what the implications are. Well, we can help! You see, traditional timeshare membership and vacation clubs let you, essentially, buy set time in a set accommodation for use as a vacation home whereas points based timeshare memberships are more like a ‘build-your-own’ vacation deal. The level of flexibility and variety offered by such memberships is unmatched by traditional timeshares.

Customized Points Based Timeshare Membership

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The concept of this ‘new’ timeshare model is very simple, but highly effective; ultimate customization. You decide when, where, and how you wish to vacation right down to how many days you spend, what rooms you stay in, and what your eating plans are ( you can often use your points to buy all-inclusive meal plans as well as other treats and services). It’s very likely you’ll also be able to borrow or save timeshare points when needs be.

The more timeshare points you have, the more flexible your timeshare membership

When you first buy your timeshare membership you will have to think about how many club points you choose to buy; think of these as Lego blocks which allow you to build up your yearly vacation. As with Lego blocks more timeshare points allow for bigger, grander projects. Your points can be used to book a long stay in normal accommodations, or shorter stays in high-end suits… it’s all about what you want from your vacation in a given year. Have a look at the timeshare points chart for your timeshare membership to see what you can reasonably do with your points (if you do not have one, ask your timeshare operator to provide you with a points chart) . You might find that there are more ways to build up your vacation than you ever imagined; this is especially the case when you consider how many exchange networks there are to join.

Having so many options for your timeshare membership can be daunting at times, but you should always keep in mind that there are people in place to help if you do feel overwhelmed by your points based timeshare. Most questions can be easily answered simply by getting in touch with your timeshare company’s members services and speaking to an agent, so why not ask them for advice as to the best usage of your points?

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