5 Tips For Safe Travel – 2021 Update

Looking to take a vacation in Mexico this year? If so, read our 5 tips for safe travel in 2021. The COVID pandemic in 2020 adversely affected many industries including tourism and travel.  As a result, airlines, resorts and restaurants had to close temporarily. When they were able to reopen, updated hygiene and sanitation measures were put in place in order to comply with COVID safety measures. Are you hoping to take a vacation to Mexico soon? If so, Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas are luxury resorts that have stringent safety measures in place to keep guests safe. Plus, they sell an exclusive vacation club membership available for qualified applicants. Read more below to learn our top 5 tips for safe travel in 2021. 

Safe Travel Tip #1 – Always Practice Good Hygiene

To start with, practicing good hygiene is especially important when traveling. You can keep yourself safe and healthy by following basic cleanliness rules. For example, only travel to destinations that are serious about sanitation protocols. Also, regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water throughout the day. If you don’t have access to a sink, use hand sanitizer gel in the meantime. When choosing where to vacation, make sure you book your stay at reputable resorts such as Garza Blanca. They have strict sanitation and cleaning practices in place to keep guests safe. Don’t risk your health by staying in a cheap motel that could be dirty and unkempt. Instead, only stay at quality resorts that prioritize cleanliness and guest safety like Garza Blanca. Remember, it is important to practice good hygiene whether you are traveling or at home.

Safe Travel Tip #2 – Purchase Flexible Cancellation Policies  

Another thing we learned from 2020 is that it makes sense to buy travel packages with flexible cancellation policies. That way, if you have to make last minute changes to your travel plans, you can avoid expensive added fees that only add more stress to your life. On the flip side, cancellation policy that is flexible is the smartest way to travel in 2021. Many resorts and airlines have added cancellation policies that are more flexible. Check to ensure that your cancellation policy doesn’t incur fees if you need to make last minute changes or postpone your vacation. Smart travelers will not need to worry about the possibility of losing money if they have to cancel or postpone vacation. Having flexible cancellation policies is an important tip for smarter, safer travel in 2021.  

Safe Travel Tip 3 – Being Socially Distant is Safest

Everyone loves spending time with our friends and family enjoying the best moments in life. However, it is important to practice social distancing at this time as it reduces the risk of transmitting the COVID virus to others. Limiting your close interactions while traveling is an easy way to make your vacation safer. Try to avoid large crowds and maintain a safe distance from others. If someone is sick, they should avoid traveling until they are better.  If someone unknowingly has the virus, avoiding crowds and maintaining a safe distance will keep you safer. Likewise, being outdoors versus inside is always better. Next, the use of facemasks in public is shown to help protect yourself and others. If you want to vacation at Garza Blanca, there they have nice outdoor spaces where travelers can safely enjoy their vacation. Plus, changes have been made at restaurants, pools and common areas throughout the resorts to allow for more distance between guests. 

Safe Travel Tip #4 – Enjoy Travel Close to Home

You may not realize that there are tons of fun things to do close to home. For example, you may have incredible hiking trails, swimming holes, beaches, and rivers to explore right where you live. If there isn’t much to do, check local towns and see what kind of interesting places you can visit on a road trip. For Garza Blanca timeshare owners, they often spend most of their time at the property because it is so amazing. However, if they want to get out and explore, Banderas Bay is known for having many cute neighboring towns that can be explored on a day trip. Are you ready to invest in a timeshare in Mexico? If you are, Garza Blanca is a popular choice for luxury travelers in the know. If you want to see if you qualify for membership in their exclusive vacation club, contact them today to schedule a property tour. Timeshare ownership is an affordable way to have a second home in paradise with a small financial investment. 

Safe Travel Tip #5 – Virtual Travel Experiences 

Virtual travel experiences is a new way to travel that became popular in 2020. When many people were stuck at home during quarantine, they really missed the excitement of traveling. In order to satisfy the wanderlust, various companies began offering virtual travel experiences. That way, people could still feel like they are traveling without even having to leave home. Right now, museum tours, international cooking classes, city excursions, theme parks, live concerts, sporting events and comedy shows are all available as virtual travel experiences. It’s a safe way to enjoy entertainment at home until you are ready to travel again.  

Despite the challenges of 2020,  2021 can be great if we focus on what we have learned. We hope you use our 5 tips for safe travel in 2021. Are you wondering where to take a vacation in 2021? If so, Garza Blanca is a top choice. They have nice properties located in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, two of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. They offer resort guest’s the top amenities, spacious accommodations, and VIP services. Even the pickiest travelers will enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Mexico. Garza Blanca has also earned the Safe Travels Stamp for implementing COVID safety practices that help keep visitors safe. If you want to always enjoy amazing getaways, they have timeshares for sale, too. We hope you use our travel tips to stay safe and enjoy vacations in 2021. Contact Garza Blanca today and make your reservation!  

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