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False Complaints about Garza Blanca Timeshare

False Complaints about Garza Blanca Timeshare
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False Complaints about Garza Blanca Timeshare

There are two sides to every single story, and while there certainly are genuine complaints about any timeshare company, you will also find many false ones. Below we have listed the top 10 false complaints about Garza Blanca timeshare, and we illustrate how they are simply not true.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare has a terrible reputation for scamming innocent vacationers.

FALSE: The developers and owners of the Garza Blanca timeshare brand has been active in Mexico for around 30 years, and has maintained a stellar reputation during that period. Thousands of timeshare owners and vacation club members use Garza Blanca services each year, and leave happy with their experience.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare presentations are too long.

FALSE: This is really a matter of opinion, but Garza Blanca timeshare presentations will not outlast the time stipulated by the agent you speak to when you agree to attend. If you wish to spend more time at the resort after the presentation you may do so, but this is voluntary.

  1. You never receive the “gifts” promised for attending the presentations.

FALSE: Every person who meets the criteria for attendance will receive the gift they were promised so long as they meet the standards asked of them. These vary a little so read the information closely, but generally this means being in a fit state (I.e. sober), arriving on time, staying to the end of the timeshare presentation, and bringing a valid credit card with you. So long as you do this you will receive the incentives promised regardless of whether or not you made a purchase.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare sales agents have a bad reputation for lying.

FALSE: Any Garza Blanca timeshare representative or agent found to be lying in order to secure sales faces severe disciplinary action from their employer. Garza Blanca training stresses the need for honesty.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare sales agents use hardcore and rude sales tactics forcing visitors to purchase.

FALSE: Garza Blanca products speak for themselves, and so there is no need for hardcore sales tactics. Nonetheless, all agents are discouraged from using such tactics as they do not meet Garza Blanca ethical standards.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare sales agents falsely tell clients that buying a Garza Blanca timeshare is a great financial investment.

FALSE: Garza Blanca timeshare representatives highlight what we believe to be the genuine benefits of vacation club membership.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare sales agents mislead potential owners about the cooling off period.

FALSE: The rescission period is clearly outlined in the contract along with the necessary actions for cancellation.

  1. It is difficult to exchange your Garza Blanca timeshare for other destinations in Mexico.

FALSE: So long you have enough points to cover the exchange you want and the dates you desire are free you will never be turned down for an exchange. As a Garza Blanca customer you have access to a number of resorts, which will be clearly outlined for you when you sign your contract, and you can even borrow or bank points to make sure you get the vacation you want.

  1. Garza Blanca timeshare maintenance fees are so high that nobody can afford to use their timeshare.

FALSE: All maintenance fees are in line with the industry standard.

  1. You can never use Interval International Vacation club to exchange your Garza Blanca timeshare for other destinations around the world.

FALSE:  So long as you continue with your membership with RCI or the Registry Collection, it is entirely possible to exchange your timeshare for alternative destinations around the world.

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False Complaints about Garza Blanca Timeshare
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