Extra Ways to Spend Garza Blanca Points

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The Garza Blanca Points Redem24 This is quite a claim as Garza Blanca is operated by Tafer Hotels & Resorts, one of the most prestigious vacation ownership providers and hotel developers in Mexico, and offers members access to a number of five star resorts in Mexico, currently in locations in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

Why is Garza Blanca’s points scheme so great?

For a start, the Garza Blanca points scheme means that you aren’t tied to a fixed unit and certain weeks throughout the year with your timeshare membership. The number of points you are allocated depends upon what level of Garza Blanca membership you purchase, but you can bank or borrow points depending upon what you need during a particular year. With this points scheme, you can also spend your points on other privileges and services to make your vacations as special as possible.

What kind of services are included in your Garza Blanca points scheme?

You can use your Garza Blanca points to pay for all-inclusive meal plans, spa treatments, a butler service or even an evening with a private chef, should you be entertaining.

How many of my Garza Blanca points can I use for services?

You can use half of your yearly allowance, and half of any points you have banked, towards services, treatment and meal plans.

How do I use the Garza Blanca Points Redemption Program?

The key thing is to arrange and book all your services and treatments before you arrive at the resort if you wish to use your Garza Blanca points, otherwise you will have to pay for services using a credit card once you are at the resort.

The Garza Blanca Residence Club Points Redemption Scheme is intended to help members enjoy their membership as much as they will enjoy the sun, sea and suites on offer!1

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