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7 Unforgivable Errors People Do on Vacation in Mexico

7 Unforgivable Errors People Do on Vacation in Mexico
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Mexico with its sunny beaches and hospitable people is always on the wish list of vacationers.  Millions flock there every year to experience vacation under the sun. However, just like all countries, Mexico has laws that apply to everyone, including tourists, which must be obeyed. On top of which, Mexico also has customs and traditions that need your respect.

Here are 7 of the most common errors that people make when they are in Mexico on vacation that get them into trouble.

1)  Sexual activities on the beach

Mexican resorts offer great accommodations. They have big rooms with comfortable beds, ideal for wild, romantic nights. So, don’t attempt to have sex in public places like the beach. If you get caught, a lonely jail cell might await and/or a fine.

2)  Eating or buying turtle eggs

Turtle eggs might be tasty and nutritious but it is highly unethical (and indeed illegal) to eat or destroy turtle eggs in Mexico. Due to the decline of their species, turtles are protected animals in Mexico.

3)  Insulting a Mexican’s mother

Mothers in Mexico are well treasured beings. Hearing you say words of profanity against mothers will make any Mexican furious.  To keep yourself out of trouble, never ever insult a Mexican’s mother.

4)  Making fun of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Virgin of Guadalupe is highly revered in Mexico. The virgin refers to the Virgin Mary, whose apparition in 1531 to Saint Juan Diego is celebrated every December 12. As a warning, don’t utter any words against her.  Even if you are not a religious yourself, better have the decency to respect the religious beliefs of the locals.

 5)  Sunbathing in the nude

Going nude in public in considered indecent and illegal in Mexico. Mexico’s fabulous beaches are not stages for nude shows or exhibitionism. Unlike many European beaches, topless sunbathing is also prohibited.

6)  Leaving a restaurant without giving a tip

If you want to receive graces and blessings, you must learn how to give them.  If you have experienced good customer service from restaurant’s staff, try giving back a little something. Blue collar jobs in Mexico are paid very low. Giving a tip will be very much appreciated. Many waiters will depend on their tips to complement a very low wage.

7) Insulting Mexican food or tequila

Being a visitor, it’s best to show respect to your host. Saying bad things about Mexican food is considered a sign of disrespect. Mexico prides itself with its cuisines and delicacies. If you find the food a little too spicy, you might consider some other dishes that will suit your taste.

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