Club Caribe Residence Club Complaints

When you feel like you should complain, it can become a headache, and it isn’t just because you have felt let down, but because of the whole process of complaining, which can be stressful and demoralizing. Club Caribe Residence Club complaints are handled with complete professionalism. The Mexican residence club based in Cancun aims to address your issues while you are still residing in the resort, before you go home and leave the resort.

Reputation and Complaints

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The reputation that Club Caribe timeshare has in the world of vacation clubs is something of value, and the company spend plenty of time and money to make sure that it resolves all problems that may affect Club Caribe Residence Club members. Club Caribe’s directors have thirty years of experience in selling, designing, and operating timeshare resorts and properties in the best Mexican vacation destinations. As such, the reputable company does not want any of its residence club members to be unhappy. Therefore, if you feel at any time that one of Club Caribe’s staff members have been negligent or dishonest, you should report the incident and make a complaint immediately to Club Caribe.

Services and High Standards

If you have experienced a problem with any of the services that Club Caribe provides, then make a complaint immediately so that Club Caribe can can continue to provide the highest standards, for which it is known. Let a staff member know that you are unhappy with your resort membership experience or purchase and if the staff member doesn’t resolve your problem, then ask to speak to someone higher in charge.

Following up on Club Caribe Complaints

There maybe times when a problem or complaint may not be resolved to meet your expectations during your stay at the Club Caribe resort in Mexico, and in these cases you should keep in contact with the vacation club. Before you leave the resort make sure you have all the email address and phone numbers for the top staff members at the resort. This method is much more effective than making complaints through a forum or chat as you will have direct contact with those people who are able to do something about your complaint. It is always best to continue your complaints with Club Caribe directly.

Complaints about Club Caribe Reservations

If there has been a problem with your reservation, then contact ResortCom before you arrive to the resort or you can also contact Member Services and talk to the pre-arrival concierge as they will resolve any problems you are experiencing with your reservations. You will find that Club Caribe Residence Club complaints are taken very seriously.

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