Club Caribe Points Based Timeshare

Club Caribe timeshare membership works on a points basis, which is a fantastic advantage for timeshare members. When anyone purchases a vacation club membership with Club Caribe, then you are purchasing club points that you can use in exchange for the accommodation you desire, which might change year on year depending on your needs. Therefore, the main advantage of this program is that the Club Caribe points based timeshare is a flexible timeshare rather than a fixed week timeshare in the same size unit every year.

Flexible Club Caribe Points Based Timeshare

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When anyone decides to purchase a Club Caribe points based timeshare, then you will be allotted points each year depending on your level of membership. You can use these points like currency, staying for as little time as just a few days to a whole month, or as long as you points allow. The way the Club Caribe points based timeshare works is best described with the example of a week in a One Bedroom Unit. Imagine you purchased a week in a One Bedroom Unit during the peak winter season. You will receive enough club points each year to cover that accommodation for a week. However, you might decide to use your points to stay in the same unit during the off season summer months and therefore stay for longer, or alternatively you may choose to stay longer than a week during the winter in a smaller Studio unit. Likewise, you could stay for a shorter period of time in a 2 Bedroom unit, and so on. As you can see, the more Club Caribe timeshare points you have, then the more options you have.


The type of unit that you can access according to your allocated club points also varies depending on the season that you wish to reserve. The Club Caribe points based timeshare can be divided into different seasons: winter, summer and holidays. For example, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and New Year’s and President’s’ Week are holiday weeks that will require more timeshare points than during any other season for the exact same suite. The popular winter season requires more points than during the summer season.

Banking and Borrowing

Members are allowed to bank or even borrow points if you want to reserve a different or particular season, to make sure you have enough points to reserve the accommodations that you wish. The only restriction is that banking and borrowing is not allowed during the holiday season. Banking timeshare points is great too, because if you don’t use your points during one year, then you can save them and use them the following year or up to five years into the future.

Paying for Services with Club Caribe Club Points

Another wonderful benefit of the Club Caribe points based timeshare for members is you can even use your points for services. What does this mean? It means that you can use the timeshare points to pay for all-inclusive meal plans, spa treatments, flower arrangements, and other services. You can turn your timeshare into an all-inclusive vacation by using your timeshare points.

Visiting Other Destinations

The Club Caribe points based timeshare allows members to stay at other resorts within the group, which includes destinations in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, with Riviera Maya on the horizon in the future. Club Caribe points are also eligible for use with Interval International membership in order to make exchanges throughout the world.

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