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Best Christmas in Cancun

Best Christmas in CancunRate this post If you want to experience the best Christmas of your life, head to Cancun, Mexico.  A place boasting of astounding natural beauty, with clear blue waters and marvelous seascapes.  A popular tourist destination which offers an endless list of entertainment and outdoor...
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Cancun, Mexico – Timeshare

Cancun, Mexico – TimeshareRate this post Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a vacation home in a hot, sunny climate? Mexico is a top choice for timeshare purchases and second homes for residents of the United States and Canada, with destinations like Cancun...
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Cancel Timeshare in Cancun

Cancel Timeshare in CancunRate this post Have you bought a timeshare in Cancun and want to cancel your contract? Timeshare in Cancun is one of the best vacation ownership options on the market for various reasons: flights are relatively cheap from the States, Canada and Europe, timeshare units...
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Beware Resale Scams at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Beware Resale Scams at Villa del Palmar CancunRate this post Modern life is unfortunately full of scams that we need to beware, although most can be avoided when common sense is used. Nevertheless, fraudsters are getting ever more savvy, particularly with the internet so widely used. Timeshare resale...
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Can I cancel my timeshare contract?

Can I cancel my timeshare contract?Rate this post Whether or not you can cancel your timeshare contract depends greatly on thecircumstances of your purchase and the time that has passed since you signed your contract. Sometimes people get cold feet once they return to the reality of life...
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