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Cancun International Airport in Mexico

Cancun International Airport in Mexico
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When you arrive to Cancun for your vacation, we know that you want to get through Cancun airport as soon as possible; both on the way in and out of the country. Luckily Cancun international airport is small, with only two terminals, so you won’t get lost. We’ve compiled a list of tips for getting through the airport with as little stress as possible.

Cancun International Airport in Mexico

Book your transport in advance

Unless you travel to the area regularly, we would suggest you book your hotel transportation in advance. This will save you having to negotiate taxi fares after a long flight.

Be clear about timeshares

Be ready for a whole plethora of invites to timeshare presentations when you arrive at baggage claim. You could receive great discounts and incentives, but you need to be clear about whether or not you’ll attend any. Decide with your partner before you arrive.

Make your suitcase easily identifiable

Tie a colorful bandana around your suitcase handle so you can spot it easily at baggage claim!

Know which terminal you are leaving from

It always helps to know where you’re going!

Allow plenty of time for departures

Though Cancun international airport is small, it is fairly busy so you’ll need plenty of time to get through check in. We recommend leaving yourself at least two hours to get everything done, especially if you’re flying with major airlines such as Aeromexico.

Print your Boarding Pass

You won’t be able to progress without your boarding pass, and though you can print your passes in the airport it would be best to come prepared. If you cannot print your passes before you get to Cancun International Airport, then do be sure to leave yourself enough time to use the terminals.

Don’t leave souvenir buying for the airport

The selection of shops and restaurants in the airport is pretty narrow, so we recommend you do your shopping before you get to the airport.

Be prepared to pay for Wifi

There is wifi access for visitors at the Cancun international airport, but there is a charge for its usage so you might want to bring a book as a back up.

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