Cancun Day Trip to Holbox

From the coast of Mexico by the wonderful city of Cancun lies the most exotic island you will ever see in the Caribbean: Holbox Island. This is a stunning location that has barely been touched by man’s hand. This remote island is the perfect spot for a serene day trip away from the norm. Once you get a taste of  its breathtaking landscapes, you are certain to feel like you found your personal piece of paradise. So if you are a nature lover, get ready to become one with the land and sea.

Cancun Day Trip to Holbox

Holbox Island is situated in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, which makes this island an important global  ecological destination. This 26 mile long and 1.2 miles stretch of beaches is a haven to over 100 bird species, a variety of land creatures, and an abundant supply of sea creatures. A popular attraction of the island for a Cancun day trip to Holbox is the large amount of whale sharks that like to gather here. These harmless creatures are very entertaining to watch if you happen to be visiting the island between May and October.

Holbox’s cozy remote fishing town lends itself to be the perfect locale for getting close to nature. Try your hand at sea fishing, or journey through the white sandy streets to the Yalahau Lagoon to see what is affectionately known as Bird Island (or Isla Pajaros).  Or you can try your hand at snorkeling and scuba diving in the sea. If you are enjoying a Cancun day trip to Holbox during whale shark season, you may even get a chance to swim with the whale sharks!

If you know anything about the history of Cancun and its neighboring areas, you will be familiar with the close ties to the Mayan culture. Holbox Island is no different when it comes to having a Mayan cultural background. The Mayans gave the island the name “Holbox” because they felt like the remote island was like a black hole due to the colors of the surrounding lagoon water. There was also a Mayan custom of swimming in the lagoon water to supposedly rejuvenate the body — implying the lagoon was a resource for restoring youth. Even if you don’t believe the legends, you will come out the lagoon at Holbox feeling many years younger, at least you can enjoy the relaxation of swimming in these dark waters.

So if you want a day trip from the hustle and bustle of Cancun life, you will surely receive that when you take a Cancun day trip to Holbox Island.  Some people come because of the popular sea fishing and watersports, and others come to enjoy the land adventures like bird watching or horseback riding . Whatever your fancy may be, you will not forget the moment you step foot on this taste of paradise known as Holbox.

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