Cancelling a Garza Blanca Timeshare: Tips and Advice

Are you a new timeshare owner who is pondering their decision to invest in a vacation club membership? Have you begun to worry that you possibly made a rash decision, or worry you were scammed into signing a contract? Some new timeshare owners experience a feeling of concern or regret after they decide to become vacation club members. Often times, they become concerned after discussing their recent investment with skeptical friends who have heard bad things about timeshare and vacation club memberships. However, the best way to address these feelings of uncertainty is to understand your financial commitment and the rules for cancelling your membership in the unlikely event you want to. Are you a new member of the esteemed Tafer Hotels & Resorts family of resorts that includes Garza Blanca Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and new construction underway in Cancun?  Keep reading below to learn more about cancelling a Tafer Hotels & Resorts or Garza Blanca timeshare, and why it is something you should consider very carefully before making any hasty decisions you may regret later.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cancelling a Garza Blanca Timeshare

The best way to approach your decision making process in regarding to your new vacation club membership, is to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Sit back and take the time to think through the many valid reasons why a membership is a smart investment. Purchasing a Garza Blanca vacation club plan allows you access to the best resorts in Mexico, all at a price you can afford. In the long run, you can actually save money and also make sure to plan ahead and allot vacation time for you and your family instead of letting life pass you by. Before you make a final decision, make sure you are informed and do not get swayed by outside individuals who may not understand the big picture. It is best to fully consider the pros and cons of cancelling a Garza Blanca timeshare. Lastly, be aware that there are fraudsters out there who try to take advantage of new vacation club members by convincing them to use unnecessary cancellation services.

Top Benefits of Membership

Want to know about all the great benefits that come with a Garza Blanca timeshare membership? Remember, if you cancel your plan, you will be missing out on so many incredible amenities and benefits including:

  • Ability to vacation at the best resorts in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta
  • World class facilities and amenities at each resort such as multiple swimming pools, spa, gym, kids club, room service, excellent onsite restaurants, activity program, front desk concierge, and so much more!
  • Not able to use your time this year? No problem. You can bank your unused points to save and plan ahead for next year’s getaway. 
  • Ability to use your saved points to enjoy added services including all-inclusive vacation packages, floral arrangements, spa treatments, and more.
  • Excellent and friendly customer service who is ready and willing to assist you with any needs or questions you may have regarding your vacation or reservation.

Reasons to NOT Cancel your Garza Blanca Timeshare

There are lots of reasons not to cancel your Garza Blanca timeshare membership. To begin with, think back to why you thought it was a good idea in the first place. If you sit down and do the math, it just makes good financial sense to prepay for your future vacations at today’s low rates. Secondly, there is no value or price on making time for yourself and for your family. In today’s age, we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and work and forget about what truly matters – family and quality time with our loved ones. A vacation club membership allows you to prioritize the people that are important in your life, which truly has no equal. Also, you should recognize the fact the sales rep you worked with are highly trained to help you identify which vacation club packages fits your lifestyle and budget needs. Trust in their experience and how it aligns with your family’s vacation goals. The memories and special moments you will share during your vacations will last with you forever. As you can see, there are lots of reasons to not cancel your Garza Blanca timeshare.  Instead of cancelling your membership, consider an upgrade. That way you can enjoy added benefits and services and make the most of every vacation you get to take.

Remember, a vacation club membership is a great value and a wise investment for your future. Even after considering all the great benefits you will enjoy as a member and you still want to cancel, it is important to know you are only able to cancel during the cooling off or rescission period that occurs in the days after you sign your membership contract. Stay alert and avoid cancellation companies who could try to scam you into using their illegal services. Instead, we suggest you enjoy your membership and make the most of it. Why not start planning your next getaway right now? Paradise is waiting and you deserve to enjoy every moment of your vacation. Still thinking of cancelling a Garza Blanca timeshare?

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