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Timeshare Cancellation – Can you Trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

Timeshare Cancellation – Can you Trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions?
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Timeshare Cancellation -- Can you Trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

Have you been considering timeshare cancellation? Are you looking for timeshare cancellation advice? Perhaps you have started having second thoughts about your timeshare purchase. This is understandable, but you should look out for fraudulent timeshare companies that claim to work on your behalf to cancel your timeshare. There are many dubious timeshare cancellation companies that are ready to take your money on false pretenses. You should be very careful and remember that any company, agency or individual that offers to cancel your timeshare after the cooling-off period has passed is almost certainly some kind of scam. Please beware! Read on to find out more regarding timeshare cancellation and the dangers involved.

Can you trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions for timeshare cancellation?

Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a company that offers to work on your behalf to cancel unwanted timeshares. It previously went by the names of Gonzalez and Gonzalez and G & G Timeshare Solutions. According to its current website, this timeshare cancellation company does not charge any fees unless cancellation is successful. However, judging by the comments on many timeshare forums, their success rate is highly disputed, with many comments claiming that the company is a scam. Whether or not Mexican Timeshare Solutions is an out-and-out scam is not for me to say; however, what I do know to be true is that if any company claims they can lawfully cancel your timeshare after the initial rescission period, that company is most likely promoting a scam and just trying to take your money. How do I know this? Keep reading …

Timeshare Cancellation Scams

So, how can I be so sure that a company that claims to cancel your timeshare after the cooling-off period has passed is a scam? First and foremost, you simply cannot cancel a timeshare after the rescission period; therefore, if the company you are dealing with claims otherwise, be prepared for some kind of scam. Don’t be tricked by the smooth talk of timeshare cancellation companies that falsely claim to assist you in cancelling your timeshare membership. Many of these companies suggest that they can cancel a timeshare membership purchased from even the most genuine and reputable timeshare companies. For your own protection, the best rule of thumb is to avoid all timeshare cancellation companies.

Is Timeshare Cancellation Possible?

This all depends on how much time has passed since you purchased your timeshare. If you are still within the cooling-off period, then timeshare cancellation is possible without the help of a timeshare cancellation company. However, if you purchased your timeshare membership from a reputable timeshare company in their salesroom, it doesn’t matter what kind of negotiations a timeshare cancellation company tries (Mexican Timeshare Solutions or otherwise), the timeshare contract is legally binding. You cannot cancel your timeshare.

What’s the scam?

You might be thinking: “But what’s the scam?” The scam that many people seem to face is that timeshare cancellation companies charge high fees and lead their clients to believe that their timeshare has been successfully cancelled. Often, timeshare owners do not realize that their timeshare has not been cancelled until they receive outstanding bills for defaulted payments and/or outstanding maintenance fees. By this time, the timeshare cancellation company has their money.

What are your options?

Before contacting a timeshare cancellation company, you should speak to your timeshare provider about your membership. In my experience, most people who want to cancel their timeshare fall into one of three categories: 1) those who do not fully understand the benefits of their membership; 2) those who have been discouraged by naysayer friends; and 3) those people who have fallen into the traps left by timeshare cancellation companies who seek to discredit even the best timeshare companies. By contacting your timeshare company directly, you can work with customer services agents to get the most out of your timeshare. They will be able to tell you if the timeshare cancellation company you are considering is a scam. In the worst case scenario, when you still wish to cancel your timeshare and the cooling-off period has passed, you might consider renting or selling your timeshare.

Can you trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

You be the judge. Mexican Timeshare Solutions will, at some point, always asks for upfront fees to be paid. If you ask them to deduct the fees from the proceeds of the cancellation refund, you will see that they will soon drop you as a client. Just take my word for it that timeshare cancellation after the cooling-off period is not possible, no matter who is working on your behalf to cancel your timeshare. Save yourself from being scammed: talk to your timeshare provider first.

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Timeshare Cancellation - Can you Trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions?
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2 thoughts on “Timeshare Cancellation – Can you Trust Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

  1. Kimberley Weaver says:

    Finally! Someone talking sense! Timeshare cancellation companies are all scams. Anyone charging you a fee is a complete ripoff, and anyone saying they can cancel it after the cooling-off period is a scam, plain and simple.

  2. Stephanie Williams says:

    Glad I found this article. I did what you said and called my timeshare company. I wanted to cancel our timeshare becuase I lost my job, but when I called customer services, they were able to help me bank my timeshare points until I could afford to travel next year so I don’t lose out. My biggest worry was paying for our flights. They even suggested that I could bank our timeshare points each year and use the timeshare every two years, which means we can stay in a bigger unit and we can invite our friends. So, glad I called. We were steps away from a timeshare cancellation scam.

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