Beware Timeshare Fraud in PV

Timeshare frauds are present in any destination that sells timeshare or membership to vacation clubs. It unfortunately comes with the territory. Nevertheless, timeshare in Puerto Vallarta (PV) is actually not very common and is easy to identify.

Beware Non-Authorized Promoters in Puerto Vallarta

One of the main timeshare scams in Puerto Vallarta relates to promoters who are not authorized to operate on the streets and in public places. The Mexican and local government introduced regulations for timeshare companies as a means of reducing the incidences of timeshare fraud in Puerto Vallarta. Part of this initiative was to ensure that anyone who is working as a promoter for a timeshare company in Puerto Vallarta has authorization. Legitimate timeshare promoters in Puerto Vallarta should have official identification. This identification indicates that the promoter is working for a genuine, registered timeshare company.

Another related fraud to this topic are the occasions where an “official” promoter betrays his timeshare company and delivers visitors to timeshare resorts of the competition or fraudulent companies. That is, the promoter works under the official permission of one timeshare company yet takes you to another resort (which may or may not be legitimate). These case are not very common and are easy to distinguish – always check that the timeshare resort that you are visiting for the presentation has the same name as the one that was pitched to you by the promoter.

Beware Bogus Resorts

An uncommon scam in Puerto Vallarta, but perhaps the most costly timeshare fraud is when you are sold a timeshare in a bogus resort. There have been cases in the past where fraudulent timeshare promoters and sellers promote the sale of timeshare units in resorts that do not exist or which have not yet been built (nor is there any intention of building them). The trick here is that you attend a presentation in a location that is not at the resort where you would be purchasing your timeshare. In some cases, you are made to think that you are buying a timeshare in one of the big names in vacation clubs, only to find that the contract is not genuine and the seller in front of you has no authority to sell units at that resort. Once you pay your money and try to make a reservation, it becomes clear that your contract is invalid, but it is too late to get your money back.

Beware Resale Fraud for Puerto Vallarta Units

Finally, resale frauds are another way that timeshare in Puerto Vallarta is affected. Resale frauds are generally targeted at owners of timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, although buyers of timeshare resales should be careful also. Owners of timeshare in Puerto Vallarta are sometimes called out of the blue or receive an email from a resale agent to say that their timeshare unit is in high demand and that there is a buyer interested. The prices offered for the resale unit are very attractive and therefore most people would at least consider selling as you stand to make a great profit. The agents ask for a joining fee or an introduction fee, which is where the scams comes in. You pay and the buyers disappear!

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