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Beware Timeshare Cancellation Shills

Beware Timeshare Cancellation Shills
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Beware Timeshare Cancellation Shills

No timeshare membership is perfect. Issues may crop up sometimes, and it’s better to deal directly with your timeshare company than looking for an outside help. Timeshare cancellation companies may see an opportunity to seize the moment and offer their malicious services.  They even employ internet shills to reach you; giving out bad comments, joining complaint forums and extend a helping hand to a problem that doesn’t have a solution. Though many websites like TripAdvisor have been doing everything to weed out these shills, your wise judgement will help you best to avoid these scammers that plague the timeshare industry.

Timeshare cancellation shills

Internet shills are not your ordinary trolls; the latter acting out on their sick minds and finding pleasure creating chaos and commotions, while shills are compensated to carry out a single purpose. As with timeshare cancellation shills, they’re out to damage the reputation of a reputable timeshare company and in the process…extort money from disgruntled timeshare owners. They are in search for articles, complaint forums and websites where they leave misleading comments and feedbacks.  Shills are there to promote a timeshare cancellation company and its senseless services.

How do timeshare cancellation shills operate?

Timeshare cancellation shills do some role playing, and they do it very convincingly that uninformed timeshare owners are made to believe they’re heaven sent. They act out in pairs and join respectable websites or those owned by top timeshare company, where they do scripted comments and leave damaging feedbacks.  Timeshare cancellation shills are on the lookout for those timeshare owners who want to kick out of their membership due to some issues. They can do some drama to attract attention; invent pathetic situations; make fake reviews and other moves worthy of an Oscar award.

Here’s a classic example of a role play done by shills working in tandem:

Shill A:

I didn’t expect this from my Big Life Timeshare, and now I don’t know what to do.  If I can only turn back the hands of time, I could not have joined in.  If anyone there who can help me out, I can give half of what I’ve paid for. This looks like a lost situation for me.

Shill B:

Hi, everything’s not lost. You don’t need to pay as much with Caribe Timeshare Solutions.  They can cancel your timeshare membership as fast as lightning without upfront fees. Get in touch with them, and worry no more. I used them and they were great. So happy to find the service.

So that’s how they act when the camera starts to roll.  A complaining timeshare owner who can be genuine or the first shill actor, and the other one coming into the picture equipped with a ready-made solution. Anyone who can read this can be carried away, and be fooled eventually.  At the end, it will be a clear highway robbery.  Timeshare owner must be well informed that once the cooling off period has ended, cancellation is not an option anymore.

Beware of timeshare cancellation shills; they give out unfulfilled promises and literally steal your money.  To know more on how to spot and avoid them, please click here.

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Beware Timeshare Cancellation Shills
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