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Avoid Vacation Rental Disasters

Avoid Vacation Rental Disasters
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When planning your vacations, you should choose very carefully when renting a condo or vacation home. We always dream of staying next to the most beautiful beaches, and close to all the attractions, and there is no doubt that we want our vacation rental to be located in the best possible  areas, and with plenty of space. The main thing is when we finally arrive to our vacation location we are hoping that the price we paid provides us with the best vacation home there is.

How to Avoid Vacation Rental Disasters

How to Avoid Vacation Rental Disasters


We generally take for granted that we are going to get a great deal, because we think we should naturally get what we pay for when we book our vacation locations, but unfortunately, booking vacation rentals often go wrong. Here are a few tips that will help you when you book your vacation rentals in another country.

Look at the Vacation Rental Before You Book It – Or Ask Someone To go on your behalf

Many times this isn’t an option, because you are not in the same country, but if you are already vacationing there, then should stop by and check out the vacation rental out for future vacations. This will allow you to check out the location thoroughly before you rent it. If you happen to be booking your rental through an agent, then ask the agent to send you current pictures of the property.

Seeing the vacation rental first hand, or having an agent send you pictures will eliminate any false advertisement and scammers. Many times if you are looking on a website, and they are showing a third bedroom, then it could actually just be a closet, and not a bedroom, or the beach may not be near the property, and twenty minutes away from the property. Today, modern technology makes it easy for an agent to send you a quick video of your vacation rental before you hand over the money.

Properties that are Curated

If you can’t rent the vacation property on your own, then you should rent the vacation property through an agent that has a list of properties that are curated. The properties will be thoroughly checked out by the agency, and often too. You may notice that the agent only shows a handful of properties that are checked out, but you can ask the agent for other properties that are curated, but these will cost you more money, but worth it in the long run.

Make a List of Any Damages Upon Arrival

Once you arrive at your vacation property, then you and your agent should make a list of any damages, if any. Make sure you have the agent sign as a witness to the damages. When you are done with your vacation rental and ready to get your deposit back, then you won’t be charged for the previous damages. If you notice anything else after the agent has left your vacation rental, take a photo immediately and send it in a email with an explanation.

Always Pay with a Credit Card

Never pay for your vacation rental with cash, and always pay with a credit card. This will provide you with a receipt, and if there is a problem or a cancellation has been made, then you will have proof of your payment with your credit card. If you absolutely must pay by cash, then pay only half upfront and the rest when you arrive.

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