Avoid Mexico Timeshare Scams

It is worth noting here, for the record, that there are many genuine timeshare providers in
Mexico who deliver a wonderful service and product; a real timeshare is not a scam, but an
investment! Over the last ten years or so the federal and state governments of Mexico have
done much to protect consumers from fraudulent timeshare providers, but scammers are always
on the lookout for an opportunity. This is why we have compiled this list of hints and tips for
avoiding the fake timeshare providers when you buy in Mexico.

How to Avoid Mexico timeshare scams

Here are our quick and easy ways to avoid timeshare scammers in Mexico;

Stick to the well-known and long-established timeshare providers
You are sure to get the real deal and a trusted service when you buy timeshare from a reputable
timeshare company that has more than 10 years in the industry. New companies are just not
worth the risk.

Nothing on line


Related to the previous point; if you can find nothing at all about a company during an internet
search they are either a fly-by- night operation (a scam) or so new that they have no track
record. Either case is something to worry about.

Don’t be fooled by expensive gifts

Over the top, expensive, or “too good to be true” gifts are used to lure people in to scams; it
may seem like a good deal at the time, but if it really feels too good to be true, question it! While
many timeshare provider incentivize with gifts and discounts these are usually modest (or at
least proportionate to the price tag). If you fall for a shiny trinket you could end up paying
through the nose for this “freebie”.


Pictures may paint a 1000 words but its still not good enough

Always see the resort and property in person! Never buy based on a brochure and a sales pitch,
and if you’re buying pre-sale be sure to buy from a reputable provider, directly from their official
sales room or development offices. Don’t buy from the photos!
Read and sign a timeshare contract you understand
If it is written in a language you can’t read do not sign the contract! Get an official translation if
you must, but make sure you can personally read through the paperwork before you sign
anything. What you may think is a timeshare scam could actually be something you have legally
signed up for.


Check for complaints about timeshare scams

Search online forums for reviews and complaints regarding your chosen provider to check for
timeshare scam news. Make sure you pay attention to any replies left; the way a company
handles criticism is just as important as how many or few complaints they get!

Put it in writing

One of the biggest causes of complaints for even the most genuine of providers is broken
promises. When your sales rep promises something in particular, make sure it’s in your contract
before you sign; if it’s not in writing they do not have to honor this promise and you cannot later
accuse them of a timeshare scam.

So, how would you suggest avoiding timeshare scammers? What’s your advice?

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