All About Timeshares in Mexico

Mexico timeshare and vacation owner memberships are a wise investment for families that want to enjoy affordable vacations in Mexico. You deserve to spend quality time with your loved ones, and you can save money when you prepay for your vacations at today’s low rates. As a Mexico timeshare or vacation club member with the award winning Tafer Hotels & Resorts, you will get to stay at the best resorts in Mexico without busting your budget.  While it is highly unlikely you would ever consider a Mexico timeshare cancellation, you should be aware of Mexico timeshare cancellation rules. Vacation club members can legally cancel their membership during the cooling off period or the rescission period which occurs in the few days after the membership contract is executed. Read below to learn more about the Tafer Hotels & Resorts Mexico timeshare cancellation policy as well as cooling off period details. 

Tafer Hotels & Resorts Mexico Timeshares

Like the Tafer Hotels & Resorts, each timeshare provider has their own set of rules and time frames for the cooling off period. On average, it occurs in the five to fourteen days after the membership contract was signed. The cooling off period allows new members who think they made a hasty decision to purchase a vacation club membership a bit of extra time to reconsider. Do you know your timeshare cooling off period dates? If not,  we recommend that you take a look at your membership contract to clarify. However, if the cooling period has already passed, a timeshare cancellation is not possible. Rest assured that the vast majority of Mexico vacation club members are very happy with their purchase, and do not want to cancel their membership. In fact, most vacation club members are very satisfied with the wonderful amenities and benefits that a Tafer Hotels & Resorts vacation club membership provides.

Cooling Off Details

When a new vacation club member signs a Tafer Hotels & Resorts vacation club membership contracts, it is a legal agreement. The cooling off period was created in order to protect new vacation club owners and to ensure they honor the membership agreement. During the sales presentation, some new members can feel a bit overwhelmed, and later think they may have become caught up in all the excitement. For that small amount of people, the cooling off period allows them to read through their membership contract again, and use the timeshare cancellation policy if they choose to do so. However, nearly all of Tafer Hotels & Resorts Mexico timeshare members do not want to cancel their membership. Instead, their members are happy about all the amazing vacations that they will get to enjoy. Don’t you want to enjoy luxurious services and amenities at one of the incredible Tafer Hotels & Resorts Resorts, too?

Mexico Timeshare Cancellation Policy

In the unlikely event you want to take advantage of Tafer Hotels & Resorts timeshare cancellation policy, you must do so during the cooling off period. While you probably won’t want to do that, if you do, an official request to cancel your vacation club membership must be submitted. The timeshare cancellation request should be in writing and you may be asked to provide documents as well. During the cooling off period, you can contact Tafer Hotels & Resorts to use the timeshare cancellation policy process. Another thing to consider is, did you take out a personal loan for your vacation club membership investment? If you did, then you must also cancel that loan. While every loan company has their own rules, if you are canceling your vacation club membership, you will need to contact the loan company immediately as well. Don’t forget that once the cooling period has ended, you cannot legally cancel your membership. Commissions have already been paid out to the salesperson for the sale. 

Now you know that a Mexico timeshare cooling off period allows new buyers to legally cancel their membership for a short period of time. Usually the cooling off period lasts for five to fourteen days. Once the cooling off period has passed,  no one can legally cancel their membership. Instead, why not start planning your next great vacation to Mexico?  

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