Activities in Cabo: Hike Mt. Solmar

Have you been researching resorts and hotels for a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico vacation? Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation destination, and it is located on the Baja California Sur’s southern tip. The area attracts thousands of people each year due to the great weather, beautiful beaches and lovely desert views. Garza Blanca Resorts is the area’s top resort that people stay at as they provide the best accommodations and luxurious amenities. They have high standards of health and hygiene so guests can feel safe to take a vacation to Mexico. When you are vacationing in Cabo, you should go on a hike to Mt. Solmar. The views from the top include amazing vistas of Medano Beach, Divorce Beach, Lover’s Beach, the Marina, Land’s End, and the Sea of Cortez. Read below to learn more about hiking Mt. Solmar. 

  • Activities in Cabo – Hike Mt. Solmar

Tourists that are in good health should be able to safely hike Mt. Solmar. On the flip side, if your health isn’t the best, then you should opt out of the hike as some areas are challenging. Even if you are in great shape, you need to plan ahead for the hike to Mt. Solmar so your hike will be safe and enjoyable. To start with, you should make sure you wear hiking shoes or good walking shoes. You should never wear flip flops on this hike because the rocks along the way can be slippery. Wearing the proper shoes will help prevent a dangerous fall. Along with wearing the proper shoes, you should also make sure you wear a hat. Lastly, bring plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated as the day’s heat can be quite intense. 

  • Important Hiking Tips for Mt. Solmar 

If you would like help hiking to Mt. Solmar you can get Enrique, a local tour guide that has a shelter for dogs at the bottom of the Naval base, to assist you. All hikers will have to go through his property to get to the trail, and he doesn’t charge much money for his guided tours. If you have a dog, you can bring it with you on the hike as they allow that. When you are hiking, you need to look out for snakes as they are sometimes on the trail. Enrique or his assistant will whistle often which attracts hawks that will scare off any snakes. Enrique’s dog also is trained to spot snakes, too. While you are hiking, make sure to watch where you walk, because one wrong step and you can fall. Once you reach the top of Mt. Solmar, you will be able to take amazing pictures of the desert, Sea of Cortez, and Cabo vistas that take your breath away. 

  • Hiking Attire 

It is important that you wear hiking shoes or walking shoes on your hike, and never wear flip flops. Hikers must be healthy, too. This is a steep hike and if your health isn’t good, then it could be quite dangerous for you. There are some spots in the hike where you will have to climb over rocks. Wearing a hat is also important along with bringing enough water to drink. 

Will you be vacationing in Cabo, Mexico soon? If you are, then you should hike Mt. Solmar. It’s a great activity in Cabo that combines a great work out with beautiful views. If you are wanting to book your stay now, then contact Garza Blanca Resorts. They provide top amenities and comfortable accommodations. They also have implemented safety procedures to make sure guests can enjoy a fun and safe vacation in paradise. Give them a call today, so you can start planning your Cabo vacation in Mexico right now. 

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