5 Best Cancun Beaches

Cancun, Mexico is known globally for having fabulous beaches.  It is the best area in the Caribbean to enjoy the tropical vacation of your dreams.  Thinking of Cancun, one can easily picture stretches of beach with pure, white sand, deep blue waters and a beachfront with fun amenities.  For sure, Cancun is the premier destination for every beach lover and it’s truly an exotic paradise for all the family to enjoy.

Picking out the best beaches in Cancun is really hard. Each beach has its own special quality that makes it stand out among the line of beaches on Cancun’s 13 mile coastline.  To help you out in your choices, here are the well recommended beaches worthy of being called, “The 5 Best Cancun Beaches.”

Playa Delfines

Playa Delfines


When it comes to quality of the sea, the Playa Delfines Beach would probably rank no.1.  It’s strikingly beautiful in deep blue colors and very gentle in nature. It’s one of the largest beach areas of Cancun with its wide sea being the favorite venue of many water sports enthusiasts.  You can easily find jet skiers and snorkelers exploring its vast waters.

North Beach – Isla Mujeres

Though not strictly speaking Cancun, North Beach (Playa Norte) on the Island of Isla Mujeres occupies one of the top spots amongst Cancun’s best beaches.  After a short ferry ride to the island, you can enjoy this highly panoramic beach where you will find several bars and simply restaurants fronting the beach. Its waters are so shallow, that you can walk for quite a few yards without going deeper than you waist.  No rocks and hardly any waves make it safe for children to plunge and swim. It is also one of the only beaches in Cancun where you can watch a sunset as Cancun is famed for its sunrises over the beach.

Playa Forum

Playa Forum is Cancun’s most famous public beach.  With a good location in Punta Cancun behind the famous party place, the Coco Bongo Nightclub, expect the beach area to be filled with beach lovers who also love the night life.  A casual stay can make you meet people and socialize with them, especially during the crowded weekends.  Have an elegant accommodation in one of the upscale resorts of Cancun, the Mandala Beach Club.

Playa Chac Mool

It’s on the same side with Playa Forum Beach, but Playa Chac Mool is less touristy and quieter.  It shares the same waters and fine sands and having all the good qualities that an ideal beach should possess.  It’s the first on the list of the less adventurous tourists who just want a serene place to stay.  With no umbrellas or loungers to speak of, it would mean simple joy by sitting and having all the peace that the tranquil surrounding exudes.

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