2020 Mexico Scams to Avoid on Vacation

Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations for travelers. Visitors from all across the world regularly vacation in the lovely country. Its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine are easy to fall in love with. However, Mexico scams can also occur if you are not aware of what to watch out for. For example, some tourists have been targeted by fraudsters. Read below to learn how to avoid Mexico scams so your next vacation isn’t ruined. 

2020 Mexico Scams to Avoid on Vacation 

While a vacation in Mexico is usually amazing, Mexico scams can occur if tourists are not informed about the red flags to be aware of. Since Mexico is a top popular vacation destination, it also attracts scammers who want to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. However, if you stay alert and read our advice below, you can stay safe and avoid becoming a Mexico scam victim. The following are the most popular scams happening in 2020. Stay alert and avoid potential fraudsters and you can protect yourself to ensure a great vacation in paradise! 

Vacation Rental Scams

Vacation rental scams are another popular Mexico scam to avoid. Sometimes, vacationers are scammed when trying to book a vacation rental for their getaway. A scam can occur if the supposed rental company or individual is not really renting a true property. Some scammers try to advertise a property they don’t even own, or sometimes one that doesn’t even exist. They may request to take a deposit or require the full payment to be made up front. Be very wary and only use trusted websites and reputable vacation rental services when booking your vacation. To avoid issues, it is recommended you book your accommodations at a resort that is well known. For example, Tafer Hotels & Resorts is an award winning resort company that has over 30 years experience in the industry.  They have lovely properties in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta known as Garza Blanca and Hotel Mousai, an upscale adults only resort. Plus, construction is underway on two new resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Book your stay with a trusted resort like Tafer Hotels & Resorts, and you can avoid becoming a victim to a vacation rental scam.  

Timeshare Scams

In 2020, timeshare scams are much less common than they used to be in previous years. Thankfully, the Mexican Government and timeshare industry have worked hard to prevent scammers from operating. Together, they have helped to educate visitors and prospective timeshare owners in order to prevent timeshare scams from occurring to unsuspecting victims. Today, the majority of timeshare scams involve timeshare resales and cancellation scams. A resale is when you buy an old timeshare membership as opposed to a new membership. The potential for scams is higher since it is difficult to prove if a seller is genuine. To avoid this timeshare scam, only work directly with reputable providers. Also, timeshare ownership cannot be cancelled after the short rescission period ends. Rescission period occurs in the week or so after a new membership contract is signed. After that time period ends, no cancellation company can cancel a timeshare.  Do not fall victim to this common timeshare scam.  To stay safe, avoid timeshare cancellation companies and always work directly with your provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding your timeshare. 

Airport Scams

Airport scams are another popular Mexico scam to be aware of. The airport transfer scam happens to individuals who booked transportation ahead of time. Then, when they arrive at the airport to start their vacation, they are targeted by an outside company or individual who doesn’t work for the company they booked. These scammers purposely try to confuse tourists into using their services and then charge their unreasonable rates. Many times the tourists had already paid for the transportation service, and ended up paying twice. To avoid this Mexico scam, always bring a copy of your confirmation details with you. That way, you can check details if approached at the airport and you want to confirm you are dealing with the right company. Ask to see an official ID to verify they work for the company you booked. Lastly, always make sure your name is already on their reservation list before you leave the airport to get into the car or shuttle.  

We hope this article about Mexico scams to avoid on vacation will help you. By staying educated and aware about potential scams, you can protect yourself, stay safe and enjoy your vacation as you should.  Remember, if you want the best place to stay on your next vacation to Mexico, contact Tafer Hotels & Resorts. You can reserve a room at Garza Blanca or Hotel Mousai. Don’t forget to ask if you qualify for their exclusive vacation club membership, too

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