2018 Garza Blanca Timeshare Reviews

2018 Garza Blanca Timeshare Reviews

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word timeshares? For many people, a somewhat negative or outdated connotation comes to mind. The reality it, today’s timeshares allow individual and families to prepay for amazing vacations ahead of time to secure lodging at some of the best resorts in Mexico. One of the best luxurious resorts in Mexico is the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Providing excellent customer service and fulfilling guests vacation expectations is Garza Blanca’s priority. Delivering personalized service to each and every timeshare member is the goal. However, have you possibly read a negative online review about Garza Blanca? If so, you should rest assured it was most likely a simple misunderstanding that prompted a negative review. In addition, sometimes scammers try to  discredit legitimate timeshare providers including Garza Blanca. The truth is Garza Blanca Resorts are recognized as an award winning resort that has consistently provided members the ability to enjoy fantastic vacations time and time again. Read below to learn about some of the 2018 Garza Blanca timeshare reviews that may not be accurate.

2018 Negative Reviews 

You should know that Garza Blanca is an award winning timeshare resort with more than thirty years of experience and thousands upon thousands of happy timeshare members. The vast majority of resort members are extremely satisfied with their membership experience. Situated in the beautiful and tropical beachfront town of Puerto Vallarta,  there are also new resorts currently under construction in Cancun, Los Cabos, and the Riviera Maya. Garza Blanca Resorts is an honest and reputable company that would never, ever scam any of their valued members. In the unlikely event you saw an unfavorable reviews about Garza Blanca, it is highly likely it was posted from an outside fraudulent company claiming that they are connected with Garza Blanca Resorts, but in reality they are not. To prevent falling victim to any scams, it is wise to strictly avoid dealing with any outside third party companies other than your resort provider.

Sales Agent Complaints

One example of a negative complaint that you may have come across could talk about the sales team. Some people have the perception that timeshare sales agents are not honest. This couldn’t be farther from the truth because Garza Blanca ensures that all of their sales agents have been provided with extensive training. All employees are taught to treat guests and members with great care including their sales agents who are very professional and courteous. In fact, sales agents are absolutely prohibited from providing inaccurate information to any potential timeshare members in order to make a timeshare membership sale. In addition, if any sales agents are found guilty of providing false information, then they will be immediately penalized and they may even be terminated as well. In the unlikely event you have a bad experience with any of the sales agents, immediately contact the managers on-site. One of Garza Blanca’s missions and goals is to provide excellent customer service and always maintain their great reputation in the industry.

Vacation Exchange Program

Another inaccurate complaints about the timeshare exchange system is that it is hard to use. The timeshare exchange system allows members to mix up their vacations and schedule vacation time at another resort in Mexico. The timeshare exchange program gives members extra freedom and flexibility to tailor each vacation to suit their needs based on a point system. Points can be used to stay at a different resort within the exchange network depending on availability.  A negative complaint about the exchange system could likely be that a member was irresponsible and let their points expire, or simply waited too late to make their reservation and found the resort to be fully booked. Certainly not a reason to leave a negative review about Garza Blanca!

Maintenance Fees – Are They High?

Timeshare members pay regular monthly maintenance fees which are an important part of their membership. The maintenance fees are not expensive, and they ensure the resort upkeep and repairs are always taken care of so everything looks new and beautiful for each and every visit. Maintenance fees are explained in detail in the timeshare contract that every member should thoroughly review and read before they sign. Maintenance fees that Garza Blanca charges are in line with the industry standard cost.  It is essential that the resort always look great and that all necessary repairs are taken care of promptly. The maintenance fees allow timeshare members to enjoy the resort amenities. Any negative reviews that talked about maintenance fees was probably submitted by a member that didn’t thoroughly read their timeshare contract before they became a member.

It is clear to see that negative online reviews about Garza Blanca are not representative of the amazing world class resort that has thousands of satisfied members. Garza Blanca is a top quality and reputable resort that provides amazing vacations for each and every one of their valued members.

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