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10 Signs of a Timeshare Scam

10 Signs of a Timeshare Scam
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Believe it or not most timeshare companies are genuine and offer services that are good value for money offering great opportunities for staying in quality accommodations around the world. The best timeshare companies will provide great vacation solutions and make it possible for you to “own” a second home abroad without any of the hassles or responsibilities of homeownership. However, there are still some timeshare scams to beware of. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare, take some time to out to read the following 10 signs that you might be getting involved in a timeshare scam.

  1. Bait and Switch

    Bait and Switch

You have been taken on a tour of a beautiful resort, but you are being sold a timeshare in another location with a different resort name on the contract. This has all the signs of a timeshare scam.

  1. External Offices

    External Offices

A common timeshare scam occurs when you leave the resort without buying a timeshare and your agent contacts you with a much cheaper deal that you sign for at a location outside of the resort.

  1. No contract

    No contract

If you have not signed a contract but you have handed over money (particularly if you pay cash), you are in danger of being involved in a timeshare scam.

  1. Charged for your timeshare gifts

    Charged for your timeshare gifts

If you are charged for your timeshare gifts, despite having attending the presentation for the required length of time, the company is probably a scam. Most reputable timeshare companies, honor your incentives, even if you do not buy, so long as you comply with their terms and conditions for the prevention.

  1. Resales on-line

    Resales on line

A big warning sign for timeshare scams is to purchase resales on line. Not all timeshare resales are scams, but you should take extra care.

  1. Timeshare Cancellation Agents

Timeshare cancellation after the cooling off period is not possible, therefore any company claiming to do this is very likely to be a timeshare scam.

  1. Upfront fees

If you are asked to pay upfront fees to rent or sell your timeshare, you might want to investigate the company carefully to check its track record. Better to choose a timeshare company that charges commission on your rental or sale.

  1. Out of the Blue Phone calls

If you receive an out of the blue phone call encouraging you to sell your timeshare, beware a timeshare scam.

  1. Upgrades to a Different Timeshare Company

Timeshare companies that claim you can trade in your timeshare with a competitor are likely to be a timeshare scam, unless you are still within your cooling off period.

  1. OPCs that Take you to a Different Resort

If you meet a salesperson representing a particular resort or hotel chain but on the day of your timeshare presentation you are taken to a different hotel, you could be facing a timeshare scam. Insist that you are taken to the resort that you were first introduced to. Taxi drivers have been know to be involved in this type of timeshare scam.

Got anymore telltale signs of a timeshare scams to share? Add a comment and help protect consumers.

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