• Puerto Vallarta Airport
  • Beware Timeshare Promoters at Puerto Vallarta Airport

    Beware Timeshare Promoters at Puerto Vallarta Airport

    Whether you’ve experienced it firsthand or heard about it from friends or family, arriving at the airport in most tourist destinations with timeshare resorts means you can bet on being approached by eager salespeople promoting their various resorts before you even exit the building, and at Puerto Vallarta airport it’s no different. Although the timeshare […]

  • hotels

    TAFER Hotels & Resorts

    TAFER Hotels & Resorts is a truly trailblazing hospitality and leisure group which is run by a team of experts who have an extensive amount of experience in Mexican vacations. This team specializes in modern, forward-looking hotel design and construction as well as resort management, vacation ownership, marketing and concept design. TAFER even provides tour […]

  • Timeshare Companies
  • Guide to Points Based Timeshare Membership

    Guide to Points Based Timeshare Membership

    So you’re considering a vacation club or timeshare membership, and you’ve heard there’s a big difference between traditional and points based timeshare memberships, but you’re not sure what the implications are. Well, we can help! You see, traditional timeshare membership and vacation clubs let you, essentially, buy set time in a set accommodation for use […]

  • RCI
  • Vacation Membership with RCI and Registry Collection

    TAFER Residence Club

    Put together, the RCI and the Registry Collection represent one of the best and most far-reaching international vacation membership exchange services that is open to timeshare owners across the world. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept; these exchange programs allow you to swap your regular timeshare weeks or vacation membership points for similar accommodations […]

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  • TAFER Residence Club

    TAFER Residence Club

    In Mexico, the TAFER Residence Club has vast experience in vacation ownership and hospitality. This pioneer hospitality group specializes in resort and hotel design and construction, real estate, vacation properties, management of resorts, travel agency services, and is a leader within the of Mexico timeshare and residence club industry. TAFER Residence Club The owner of […]

  • Villa del Palmar Cancun
  • Resale Nightmares Villa del Palmar Cancun

    Villa del Palmar Cancun

    There are thousands of happy Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare owners and the majority of these owners would never consider selling their timeshare, but sometimes a circumstance happens that make a happy timeshare owner change their mind, which include changes in marital status, inherited timeshare, sickness in the family, or limitations in vacation times. Timeshare […]